Free PTCB Practice Quiz #4
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Free PTCB Practice Quiz #4 is the fourth of 20 free practice exams on this site. It is formatted similar to the PTCB exam with multiple choice format.


Which of the following drugs would not be used to treat seizures ?

A. Topamax

B. Depakote

C. Lamictal

D. Tramadol

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1 Lbs is equal to:

A. 12oz

B. 2.2kg

C. 454g

D. 1200mL


The drug name Oxycontin® is an example of a:

A. Chemical Name

B. Brand Name

C. Generic Name

D. Street Name

Top 200 drugs


Which phase of the FDA new drug application involves double-blind, placebo controlled trials to demonstrate that it actually works and involves hundreds or thousands of patients?

A. Phase I

B. Phase II

C. Phase III

D. Phase IV

FDA new drug application process


Water freezes at 0°C and Boils at 100°C. What temperature in Farenheit will water freeze and boil?

A. 14°F, 325°F

B. 32°F, 212°F

C. 29°F, 180°F

D. 10°F, 177°F


The fraction ¾ is equal to:

A. .750

B. .660

C. 7.500

D. .075

Pharmacy math - fractions


How many ML of active ingredient are in 1.5 Liter of a 17.5% solution?

A. 525.0

B. 375.5

C. 325.0

D. 262.5


The FDA publication of Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations is called:

A. Merck Manual

B. Scut Monkey drug Manual

C. Orange Book

D. Micromedex


You have been asked to dilute and repackage 1 Liter of a 20% solution into 1 pint bottles of 5% solution. How many bottles will you be able to fill?

A. 8

B. 4

C. 10

D. 5

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Which drug would be used for athletes foot:

A. Ranitidine

B. Fluconazole

C. Tamsulosin

D. Sildenafil


A drug class that causes a natural biological action to NOT occur is called :

A. Inhibitor

B. Prohibitor

C. Antagonist

D. Agonist

Drug class definitions


Which dosage form would ensure the best bio-availability ?






A patient is at your store buying a glucose monitor. The item sells for $69.99. After tax their total is $75.94. What is the tax rate ?

A. 8.5

B. 7.5

C. 8.0

D. 7.0

Percentage math


A patient presents a prescription for Ibandronate 150mg #3. Your pharmacy has a 35% markup and $5.66 dispensing fee. The wholesale price is $15.70 per tab. What will the retail price be for this prescription of 3 tablets.

A. $63.59

B. $47.10

C. $52.76

D. $69.25


A rolling cabinet at a hospital which is used to dispense emergency medication is commonly called a :

A. EMS Cart

B. Stash Cart

C. Crash Cart

D. Blue Cart

Here's the answer


Which drug is not DEA controlled ?

A. Phentermine

B. Prozac

C. Lunesta

D. Valium

Top 200 drugs


The decision to add new medications to a hospitals formulary are usually made by :

A. Drug Company Representatives

B. Board of Physicians

C. Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

D. Hospital General Manager


Which of the following would be a violation of OBRA ?

A. Releasing a patients records to unauthorized parties.

B. Not offering a medicaid patient counseling on a new drug prescribed.

C. Accidently allowing a refill on a DEA Sch. II drug.

D. Filling a prescription for a medicaid patient with expired stock.


Dr. Patel has prescribed Ms. Jones some antibacterial drops to treat Conjunctivitis. The directions are 2-3gtt OD QID. What will need to be typed on the label ?

A. Use 2-3 Drops in right eye four times daily.

B. Use 2-3 Drops in right ear four times daily.

C. Use 2-3 Drops in left eye four times daily.

D. Use 2-3 Drops in left ear four times daily.



Which of the following drugs is exempt from the PPPA locking cap requirements.

A. Varenicline

B. Topiramate

C. Pregabalin

D. Nitroglycerin

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