Scheduling to take the PTCB
exam at Pearson-Vue.

A common question asked in the forums is how
and when to schedule for the PTCB exam.
Keep in mind that you'll have 90 days from the date your application is approved to schedule and sit for the exam. The exam is given perpetually throughout the year, so there is no waiting for "windows" of testing sessions. Let's do a quick rundown on the process for when you're ready to schedule for the exam.

► 1 Apply online via The PTCB Application page.

► 2 Next, (once you're approved) you'll receive
an authorization to test letter (ATT) thru email.

► 3 The ATT letter will have a beginning and end date defining a 90 day window in which you can take the exam. The dates are only derived by when you apply. There are no longer strict seasonal term periods in which you have to wait for. The PTCB is given perpetually, all year long. According to the PTCB website, the 90 day period starts immediately upon application approval.

► 4 Locate the closest Pearson-Vue PTCB testing center to where you live with the Pearson-Vue test center locator

► 5 Once you have a location and some dates in mind, go to the Pearson-Vue PTCB page and click on either "schedule Online" or Schedule by phone". If you want to schedule a Saturday or around a holiday, book as soon as possible. A limited number of test appointments are available each day and Pearson-Vue administers 100's of different tests.

► 6 Once you schedule, a confirmation email will arrive in your email with all of the details.

► 7 Before the exam, take the Free practice exams on this site.

► 8 Also, review all of these:

PTCB exam taking strategies Facebook page
pharmacy-tech-study Math question forum

► 9 Pass the PTCB exam.

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