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Practice Exam #3

Free PTCB / ExCPT Practice Quiz #3 is one of several free pharmacy tech practice exams on this site. Similar to the PTCB exam, it's formatted as a multiple choice format and rotates the subject matter with nearly every question. This test is 20 questions and should take no more than 15-20 minutes.


Mr. Tee is a customer at your retail pharmacy. He has prescription drug coverage through his employer. When he picks up his prescription he must pay a portion of the price known as a ____________.

A. Premium

B. Deductible

C. Waiver

D. Co-Pay

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Which of these temperatures would be within
Controlled / Room Temperature standards?

A. 86°F

B. 20°C

C. 38°F

D. 65°C


A physician orders an IV drip of a mixture at a rate of 25ml/hr for 20/hr. What volume of fluid will be needed ?

A. 500mg

B. 0.5L

C. 1.0L

D. 1.5L

IV Dosage calculations


How many teaspoons are in one ounce?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 6

D. 8

Measurements and conversions


You receive a prescription with the sig: Amoxil® 500mg 1tab PO TID X10D. How many tablets are needed to fill this order ?

A. 10

B. 20

C. 30

D. 40


You receive a prescription with the sig: Amoxil® 500mg 1tab PO TID X10D. Which of these is most likely their condition

A. Urinary Tract Infection

B. Hypertension

C. Staph Infection

D. Acid Reflux


At your retail pharmacy a customers order totals $22.34. They pay with two $20 bills. The most appropriate change would be :

A. (3)Fives (2)ones (2)Quarters (1)Dime (1)Nickel (2)Penny

B. (1)Ten (1)Five (2)ones (1)Quarter (1)Dime (1)Nickel (1)Penny

C. (1)Ten (7)ones (1)Dime (1)Nickel (1)Penny

D. (1)Ten (1)Five (2)ones (2)Quarters (1)Dime (1)Nickel (1)Penny


Which form of Diabetes is Insulin Dependent ?

A. Hypoglycemia

B. Hyperglycemia

C. Type I Diabetes

D. Type II Diabetes


Which FDA recall is the least severe ?

A. Class IV

B. Class III

C. Class II

D. Class I

FDA recall definitions


The acronym APAP is used for:

A. Aspirin

B. Urgently

C. Acetaminophen

D. None of the above


A dosage form that dissolves when held between the cheek and gum is called a:

A. Sublingual

B. Buccal

C. Enteric Coated

D. Pouch

Dosage forms


Which of the following must be used to clean a Laminar Flow Hood ?

A. Ammonia Sulfate

B. Chlorine Bleach

C. Aseptic Iodine

D. Isopropyl Alcohol


The abbreviation PC means:

A. Before Meals

B. After Meals

C. Parenteral Calculaton

D. Potassium Chloride



Generic Drugs can be substituted for Brand name drugs:

A. Only if the script is marked D.A.W.

B. Whenever the Patient / Customer wants them.

C. If the pharmacy is low on brand name drugs.

D. Only if the prescriber allows it.


Your store retails a 30 ct. bottle of Ibuprofen for $1.99. The wholesale cost to the store is $1.00. What is the markup percent ?

A. 82%

B. 75%

C. 99%

D. 49%

Percentage math


A _________ protects a drugs brand name from unauthorized use.

A. Trademark

B. Patent

C. Copyright

D. Generic Name


Which DEA Sch. contains drugs that have very high abuse potential and are not usually used as medication ?

A. DEA Sch. V

B. DEA Sch. IV

C. DEA Sch. II

D. DEA Sch. I

DEA Schedules


Which is a solution that has been sweetened for better ease of use?

A. Elixir

B. Syrup

C. Suspension

D. Tincture


Which would not be a violation of HIPAA ?

A. Not giving a new patient a notice of privacy disclosure.

B. Pharm. techs gossiping with a patient about a patients medication.

C. Medicaid patient not being offered counseling on a new Medication.

D. Releasing a patients records to an unauthorized party.


Which medication is exempt from the PPPA locking cap requirements ?

A. Nitroglycerine

B. Paroxetine

C. Clonidine

D. Tolterodine

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