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PTCB practice quiz / bonus exam #6 is one of the many unofficial practice exams on this site. They are designed to help prepare you for the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Practicing with the same (multiple choice) format as the real pharmacy tech test will better prepare you for it. The questions on the practice exams are general questions about everyday pharmacy technician knowledge and duties. This quiz is 20 questions and should take about 15-20 minutes maximum.


In which of the following dosage forms is a drug mixed (but not dissolved) into a liquid which needs to be shaken before administration in order to distribute the drug particles evenly.

A. Syrup

B. IV Infusion

C. Suspension

D. Troche

Dosage forms

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You receive the following order for a 7 year old child who weights 55 lbs:

Cefdinir 125mg/5mL
5mg/kg/Day X 10 days

How many mL will be dispensed?

A. 50mL

B. 42mL

C. 22mL

D. 76mL

Dosage calculations


'Orange Book' is a comprehensive list of approved drug products approved by the FDA. Which TE rating below would designate a drug as being bio-equivalent :






Which is not a possible side effect of

a. hypotension

b. hyperglycemia

c. allergic reaction

d. pulmonary edema

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Which statement is true about
Sodium Nitroprusside?

A. Commonly used in an epidural preparation.

B. Must not be administered intravenously.

C. Should be protected from sunlight.

D. Is in DEA Sch. V


All of the following are signs of a calcium deficiency except

A. Kidney Stones

B. Leg Cramps

C. Frequent Fractures

D. Osteoporosis


A 1L solution of _________ will contain 9g of NaCl and 50g of Dextrose.


B. D5W


D. LR59


The following statements are true of
sublingual(SL) tablets except:

a. rapid acting

b. systemic effect

c. placed under the tongue

d. followed by water

Dosage forms


What drug classification is
Ondansetron in?

a. anti-depressant

b. anti-emetic

c. anti-hypertensive

d. anti-fungal

Top 200 drugs


Which of the following is an

a. digoxin

b. isosorbide dinitrate

c. metoprolol

d. atorvastatin

Top 200 drugs


To make space for new stock, you've been asked to combine 4 bottles of cleaning solution z, and then label that bottle with the volume and % concentration. The contents are:

-Bottle 1= 200mL of 75%
-Bottle 2= 300mL of 90%
-Bottle 3= 100mL of 80%
-Bottle 4= 400mL of 50%

-What will you type on the new label?

A. Solution z, 1L of 78%

B. Solution z, 1L of 70%

C. Solution z, 1L of 62%

D. None of the above

how to do this one


Which of the following tablets should absorb most quickly into the bloodstream?

A. Enteric Coated


C. Sublingual

D. Sustained Release

Dosage forms


If a patient has
alcohol intolerance, which of the following should they avoid?

A. Emulsion

B. Elixir

C. Suspension

D. Syrup

Dosage forms


In the US, ordering stock of Sch. II drugs requires a DEA Form 222. If an error is made on this form, which is an acceptable way to make a correction.

A. Black it out with a felt tip marker

B. White out

C. Single line cross-out + initials

D. None of the above

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An drug plan has set contract pricing of AWP, less 5%, plus a flat $5 dispensing fee. The customer's order is for 30 tablets of Drug "q". In the computer is says that Drug "q" has an AWP of $74.00/100 tabs. What dollar amount will the drug plan be billed?

A. 75.30

B. 46.88

C. 26.09

D. 7.47


Which of the following is a recommended vaccine for adults over 60 to reduce the incidence of
Shingles (herpes Zoster)?

A. Decavac®

B. Gardasil®

C. Varivax®

D. Zostivax®

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Xanax® is a Benzodiazepine commonly used to treat anxiety. What DEA schedule is it in?

A. Sch. II

B. Sch III

C. Sch. IV

D. Sch. V

Top 200 drugs


Which type of recall by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)is the most severe, where there is a potential for serious injury or death.

A. Class I

B. Class II

C. Class III

D. Class IV

FDA recall definitions


In the following picture, what is object #2?

pharmacy tools

artwork by Georgia Pharmacy Technician

A. Erlinmeyer Flask

B. Mortar

C. Graduated Cylinder

D. Pestle


According to this label, how many mg of Amoxicillin is the patient to take daily?

artwork by Georgia Pharmacy Technician

A. 250mg

B. 375mg

C. 750mg

D. 1125mg

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