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PTCB practice quiz/bonus exam #7 is one of the many unofficial practice exams on this site. They are designed to help prepare students for the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Practicing with the same (multiple choice) format as the real pharmacy tech exam will better prepare you. The questions on the practice exams are about everyday pharmacy technician knowledge and duties. This quiz is 20 Questions and should take about 20 minutes maximum.


Your pharmacy has received a
STAT order for an IV preparation. The laminar airflow hood was turned off for a service call and is now available. How long must the LAFH run for before you can perform the required aseptic technique?

A. Immediately

B. 1 hour

C. 30 minutes

D. 15 minutes

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All aseptic manipulations in the
laminar flow hood should be performed at least:

A. Four inches within the hood

B. Six inches within the hood

C. Eight inches within the hood

D. Twelve inches within the hood

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You have on hand a 14% (w/v) topical antiseptic solution. You receive and order for 1 L of a 1:4000 solution. How much of what is on hand is needed to fill this order?

A. 5.6 L

B. 56 L

C. 560 L

D. none of the above

How to do this one:


A doctor orders Drug "OMG" to be given to a patient at a dose of 0.40mg/kg q6H. The patient is a 44 year old man who weights 242 lbs. How much should this patient receive at each dose?

A. 36mg

B. 44mg

C. 97mg

D. 440mg

Dosage calculations


An order calls for 2.5L of a 17.5% solution. Your pharmacy's formulary only includes 25% and 10% concentrations of solution. After checking stock, your find out that no more 10% is available today. How much of the 25% will you use to complete the order today?

A. 1500mL

B. 1250mL

C. 1750mL

D. None of the above

Alligation math


A drug that blocks impulses from the parasympathetic nervous system is known as a:

A. Sympathomimetic

B. Beta-adrenergic blocker

C. Cholinergic blocker

D. Calcium channel blocker


Ativan® (
Lorazepam) belongs to the class of drugs known as:

A. benzodiazepines

B. phenothiazines

C. tricyclic antidepressants

D. none of the above

Top 200 drugs

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In pharmacy lingo,
Nitroglycerin is commonly shortened to 'Nitro'. Which of the following dosage forms is Nitro not available in?

A. Patch

B. Spray

C. Capsule

D. Sub-lingual tablet


A common suffix ending for angiotensin-II blockers is:

A. -statin

B. -pril

C. -zosin

D. -sartan

Generic drug suffixes


Which of the following drugs is contained in DEA Sch. III ?

A. Fentanyl

B. Vicodin®

C. Percocet®

D. Xanax®

Top 200 drugs


People with what kind of health history are at risk for

A. Heart disease

B. Hypertension

C. Diabetes

D. All of the above


How could the following sig. be typed on a label:
2 gtt OU TID

A. 2 drops in the right eye twice a day

B. 2 drops in the left eye three times a day

C. 2 drops in both eyes three times a day

D. 2 drops in both ears two times daily



How many mg are in a 1Kg?

A. 1,000,000

B. 1,000

C. 10,000

D. 100,000

Metric conversions

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1 Liter of D5NS contains 5% dextrose in normal saline. How many Liters would be needed to run a drip for a period of 8 hours at 125ml/hour?

A. 4

B. 3

C. 2

D. 1


A suspension contains 2400mg of active drug in 1000ml. What is the percentage of drug in the final product?

A. 24%

B. 2.4%

C. 0.24%

D. 240%

Concentration percentage math


Which Dosage Form below involves the insertion of a plastic tube through the patients nose, past the throat to the stomach?


B. Trans-Gastric

C. Naso-Gastric

D. IV-Bolus

Dosage forms


You receive an order for 250mg of Aminophylline in normal saline (total volume 500mL). The patient weighs 110 lb. The Aminophylline is to be administered at a dose of 0.4 mg/kg/hr. Aminophylline Injection is supplied in 10mL vials with 25 mg/mL. The IV set to be used delivers 60gtts/ml. What will be the flow rate, in drops per minute, to administer the dose ordered?

A. 40 gtts/min

B. 42 gtts/min

C. 38 gtts/min

D. 41 gtts/min


What does "oculus dexter" (OD) mean?

A. Left eye

B. Right eye

C. Left ear

D. Right ear



The most frequent side effect of a stimulant laxative is:

A. Headache

B. Numbness of the extremities

C. Cramping

D. Sweating


Compounding of sterile products is performed within a laminar airflow hood with a
HEPA filter. What does HEPA stand for?

A. Highly effective positive air

B. High efficiency particulate air

C. Horizontal even pressure air

D. None of the above

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