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Bonus Practice Quiz #10

PTCB practice quiz / bonus exam #10 is one of several unofficial practice exams on this site. These practice tests help prepare students for the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Practicing with the same (multiple choice) format as the real pharmacy tech exam will better prepare you. The sample questions on the practice exams are about everyday pharmacy technician knowledge and duties. This quiz is 20 questions and should take about 15-20 minutes maximum.


Doxazosin and Terazosin are example of what class of drugs? ?

A. ACE inhibitors

B. Beta blockers

C. Alpha blockers

D. Calcium channel blockers

Common drug suffixes

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A toxic adverse reaction that occurs in the liver is know as :

A. Teratogenicity

B. Carcinogenicity

c. Hepatoxicity

d. Nephrotoxicity

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Inventory management in a Pharmacy will include all of the following except:

A. Pricing the drugs.

B. Keeping an acceptable level of merchandise.

C. Tracking usage.

D. Purchasing, receiving, stocking and displaying merchandise.


How many mL of a 30% solution should be added to 60mL of a 50% solution to obtain a 35% solution?

A. 90mL

B. 120mL

C. 180mL

D. None of the above

How to do this one:


Metoprolol is a:

A. Beta 2 blocker

B. Beta 1 agonist

C. Non selective beta blocker

D. Beta 1 receptor blocker

Top 200 drugs


Which of the following medications is not used to treat

A. Fluticasone

B. Tiotropium

C. Albuterol

D. Salmeterol

Top 200 drugs


The maintenance dose of Drug A is 13.3mg/kg/day or 800mg, whichever is less, in q.i.d. dosing. How many 100mg tablets of the drug should a 200 lb. patient take at each dosing interval?

a. 6 tablets

b. 4 tablets

c. 2 tablets

d. 3 tablets

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Which of the following terms describes drugs that
halt bacteria growth or reproduction, but don't kill bacteria cells?

A. Beta Blockers

B. Tetracyclines

C. Bacteriostatics

D. Bactericidals


According to the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, How much
Pseudoephedrine can a consumer legally purchase at a retail pharmacy during a 30 day period?

A. 3.6 grams

B. 6.0 grams

C. 6.3 grams

D. 9.0 grams


Spironolactone blocks the effects of:

A. Aldosterone

B. Anti-diuretic hormone

C. Epinephrine

D. Norepinephrine


In the U.S.,
Propoxyphene is a DEA Sch II Opioid Analgesic. In Nov 2010, it was pulled from the market. Which of the following agencies would have initiated this recall?

A. - D.E.A.

B. - F.D.A

C. - B.O.P.

D. - P.T.C.B.

Drug recalls


Which medication that is used to treat BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) is also used to treat male pattern baldness?

A. Tamsulosin

B. Doxazosin

C. Dutasteride

D. Finasteride


Name the four phases of

A. absorption, dissolution, catabolism, elimination

B. absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination

C. assimilation, dissolution, metabolism, excretion

D. assimilation, distribution, anabolism, excretion


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Which of the following is the brand name AstraZeneca uses to market

A. Benazepril®

B. Fosinopril®

C. Ramipril®

D. Zestril®

Top 200 drugs


Which of the following is not an

A. Niacin

B. Coumadin

C. Warfarin

D. Heparin


Which of the following, if taken
after it's expiration date could be potentially fatal by causing massive toxicity in the kidneys or Fanconi syndrome?

A. Amoxicillin

B. Regular Insulin

C. Tetracycline

D. Potassium Chloride


Which of the following drug classes has a common side effect of which 20% or more of patients who receive them
develop a dry cough, sometimes severe enough to require discontinuation of the drug?

A. Beta-Blockers

B. ACE Inhibitors

C. Benzodiazepines

D. Diuretics


Which of the following medications is frequently referred to as a
'water pill' since it is a commonly used Diuretic?

A. Furosemide

B. Triamterene

C. Hydrochlorothiazide

D. All of the above


Atorvastatin, lovastatin, pravastatin, simvastatin and fluvastatin are all examples of
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors which are used to treat:

A. Hypercholesterolemia

B. Hyperglycemia

C. Hypothyroidism

D. Hypertension


The pharmacokinetics process that involves the movement of drug molecules from the site of administration, across cell membranes into the circulatory system of the body is known as:

a. distribution

b. assimilation

c. absorption

d. execution

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