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PTCB / Pharmacy Assistant Practice Test / bonus exam #11 is one of several unofficial practice exams here on this site. The questions are designed to help prepare students for the PTCB or ExCPT exams.

Practicing with the same (multiple choice) format as the actual pharmacy tech exam will better prepare you for it. The questions on the practice exams are questions about everyday pharmacy technician knowledge, challenges and duties. This quiz is 30 questions and should take 25 - 30 minutes maximum.


For the prescription:

2 tab po q.i.d. X 3D
2 tab po t.i.d. X 3D
3 tab po b.i.d. X 2D
1 tab po b.i.d X 2D
1 tab po q.h.s. X 2D

How many tablets will need to be dispensed?

A. 15

B. 30

C. 60

D. 90


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A customer at your retail pharmacy has been advised by her gynecologist to use a

2% vinegar solution

as a vaginal douche. She is asking for your advice in preparing the solution.

How should you respond?

A. Point her over to the douche aisle.
    (i.e. Summers eve, Massengill)

B. Suggest a re-usable douche/enema bottle.
    (as an add on sale)

C. Advise her to mix 2 teaspoons vinegar per quart
    of distilled water.

D. Refer her to the pharmacist on duty.

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At your retail store, a customer is purchasing a new blood pressure monitor. The regular price is $100.00, but it's on sale this week for 25% 0ff. Additionally, today is senior Tuesday, and they get an additional 5% off. What will the final price be after discounts and 5% sales tax?

A. $75.22

B. $78.75

C. $75.00

D. $74.81

How to do this one


Which medication is first line treatment for type 1 diabetes and also can be used to treat uncontrolled type 2 diabetes?

A. Metformin

B. Ramipril

C. Insulin

D. Pioglitazone

Top 200 drugs


Cefaclor is available in 50mg/mL oral suspension. The doctor has written a script for: 250mg po tid x 7 days for a 4 year old. What would you put on the label?

A. Give one teaspoonful three times daily until finished.

B. Give one tablespoonful three times daily until finished.

C. Give two teaspoonful three times daily until finished.

D. Give one half teaspoonful three times daily until finished.



You receive a prescription for amoxicillin 500mg stat, then 250 mg tid x 10 days. How many 250mg capsules will you dispense?

A. 30 capsules

B. 28 capsules

C. 32 capsules

D. None of the above


PTCB and ExCPT certification must be renewed every 2 years. To qualify, you must not acquire any new felony convictions -or- receive disciplinary action (including license revocation) by your state's board of pharmacy. Additionally, there is a continuing education requirement for re-certification. Which of the following reflects the minimum re-certification requirements for Continuing Education for both the PTCB and ExCPT?

A. 20 Hours (including 2hr. of Pharmacy Law)

B. 20 Hours (including 1hr. of Pharmacy Law)

C. 30 Hours (including 2hr. of Pharmacy Law)

D. 30 Hours (including 1hr. of Pharmacy Law)

Continuing Education Requirements

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500mL of a 15% solution is diluted with SWFI to 1.5L, what is the resulting strength?

A. 2.5%

B. 5.0%

C. 12%

D. 0.8%


Dextromethorphan (DM) is indicated for the treatment of:

A. Nasal congestion

B. Runny nose

C. Productive cough

D. Dry cough


How many milliliters of water must you add to 100ml of a 10% stock solution of sodium chloride to make a batch of NS (normal saline = sodium chloride 0.9% solution)?

A. 578

B. 790

C. 1011

D. None of the above


An order has been faxed for 300mL of solution 'G' 17.5%. In your stock, you find 1L of solution 'G' 15% and 500mL of solution 'G' 12.5%. How much of each will you use to concoct the ordered solution?

A. 265mL of 15% + 35mL of 10%

B. 300mL of 15% + 200mL of 10%

C. 200mL of 10% + 150mL of 15%

D. None of the above

Alligation math


Using Young's rule, calculate the daily dose of Drug "L" for patient who is 4 years and weights 35lb. The adult dosage is 200mg t.i.d.

A 145mg

B 150mg

C 155mg

D 160mg

Dosage calculations


Captopril, ramipril and lisinopril are all examples of which classification?

A. A2RB (angiotensin 2 receptor blockers)

B. Beta blockers

C. ACE inhibitors (angiotensin-converting enzyme)

D. Alpha blockers

Common drug suffixes

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How many 150mg capsules are needed to prepare 60mL of a 1% solution?

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 7


150mg of Drug powder "A" is mixed with 7.35g of Powder "L". What is the percentage strength of Drug "A" in the total mixture?

A. 5%

B. 2%

C. 30%

D. 20%


A termianlly-ill patient is taking Morphine SR(15 mg - sustained release) B.I.D. However, the patient now has difficulty swallowing tablets. Morphine sulfate solution contains 5mg per mL and is prescribed q4h, what volume would need to be dispensed for a 20 day supply to provide the same pain relief dosage as the tablet regimen?

A. 60mL

B. 80mL

C. 100mL

D. 120mL


You have received a prescription to fill for:
Losec® 20mg 1 tab B.I.D. X 2 weeks
What would go on the label?

A. Take one tablet twice weekly (4 tablets).

B. Take two tablets twice daily (56 tablets).

C. Take one tablet twice daily (28 tablets).

D. Take one tablet twice daily (14 tablets).



The_____plays a major role in regulating blood pressure, and is the site of action for diuretics.

A. Liver

B. Brain

C. Heart

D. Kidney


A laminar flow hood is a piece of equipment which makes a sterile working environment for compounding. What direction does the
air flow in a vertical laminar flow hood?

A. From the back of the hood to the front.

B. From the bottom of the hood to the top.

C. From one side of the hood to the other.

D. From the top of the hood to the bottom.


Dr. Andrews has ordered an infusion of 750mL of Solution "H" 7.5% strength over 6 hours. The administration set is calibrated at 10gtt/mL. What flow rate will be used?

A. 15gtt/min

B. 17gtt/min

C. 21gtt/min

D. 28gtt/min


Your pharmacy uses the alpha-generic organization system for storing drugs. You have been asked to re-shelf a bulk container of
Lipitor® 20 mg tablets. You should place the container on the shelf between:

A. Linezolid and Liposomal

B. Alosetron and Alprrazolam

C. Atenolol and Atovaquone

D. Liothyronine and Lisdexamfetamine


Which of the following
dosage forms would not be recommended for a patient who has an allergy to alcohol?

A. Buccal

B. Suspension

C. Elixir

D. Syrup

Dosage forms


Which of the following drug classes is used to inhibit the growth of bacteria microorganisms within the body?

A. Beta Blockers

B. Antibiotics

C. Antifungals

D. Antiemetics


The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) is enforced by the US Justice Department's Drug Enforcement division (DEA). The law lists drugs in schedules according to their individual potential for abuse. Which of the following would be considered a schedule III drug ?

A. Vicodin®

B. Percocet®

C. Robitussin® with Dextromethorphan (DXM)

D. Ambien®

Top 200 drugs

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flow rate would you set the administration set for the following ordered IV infusion?
D5NS 300 ml / infused over 5 hours
(drop factor is 10gtt/ml)

A. 6gtt/min

B. 8gtt/min

C. 10gtt/min

D. 15gtt/min


How many mL of U100 insulin will you need to add to a 1L bag of D7.5W so it contains 40 units of insulin?

A. 400mL

B. 40mL

C. 4mL

D. 0.4mL


Lidocaine is used in a variety of products as an anesthetic numbing agent. How many total grams of lidocaine will be in 300mL of 2% lidocaine solution added to 300mL of 5% lidocaine solution?

A. 8 Grams

B. 7 Grams

C. 21 Grams

D. 60 Grams


Insulin is available in 10mL vials containing 100iu/mL. Your patient is going away on a 2 week vacation and asks the pharmacist how many vials they will need to take with them. The patient injects 42U/qAM and qPM. How many vials will be needed?

A. One vial

B. Two vials

C. Three vials

D. Four vials


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
(COPD) is a term used to define disease states characterized by the presence of airflow obstruction due to a pair of commonly co-existing diseases of the lungs. Which of the following are they?

A. Asthma and emphysema

B. Emphysema and allergies

C. Allergies and asthma

D. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema


In order for the Laminar Flow Hood to meet Class 100 standards, its HEPA filter must only allow fewer than 100 particles that measure greater than 0.3 micrometers per cubic foot of air. At the minimum, how often should a laminar flow hood be professionally serviced?

A. Monthly (every 30 days)

B. Bi-Monthly (every 2 months)

C. Semi-Annually (every 6 months)

D. Annually (every 12 months)

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