Pharmacy Tech Practice Exam #13

Practice quiz #13 is one of dozens of free unofficial practice exams available on this site. These practice tests help prepare students for the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Practicing with the same (multiple choice) format as the real pharmacy tech exam will better prepare you. The sample questions on the practice exams are about everyday pharmacy technician knowledge and duties. This quiz is 20 questions and should take about 20 minutes maximum.


Which of the following drugs should be taken
on an
empty stomach?

A. Naproxen

B. Levothyroxine

C. Prednisone

D. Nitrofurantoin

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Which auxiliary label should be applied to a prescription for:
Amoxicillin 250mg/5mL suspension?

A. Shake well before using

B. Take with food

C. Avoid exposure to sunlight

D. All of the above

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On Saturday night, Dr. DeDrogas telephoned in an emergency prescription of
Oxycontin® for a patient. Three tablets were dispensed. How long does DrDrogas have to present a written prescription for this order?

A. 48 hours

B. 72 hours

C. 7 days

D. Sch. II orders cannot be telephoned.

Review the law on this Page


You need to use 3 solutions of drug "H" containing respectively 50%, 20% and 5% to make 600mL of 10% drug "H". which of the following amounts of the 50% could you use?

A. 95mL

B. 70mL

C. 50mL

D. None of the above

How to do this one
With a double alligation.


Vicodin® is a combination of Hydrocodone and APAP. It is prescribed to relieve moderate and severe pain. In the U.S. which of the following DEA Controlled Substance Schedules is Vicodin® in?

A. DEA Sch. II


C. DEA Sch. IV

D. Available over the counter (OTC)

Top 100 drug list


The NDC number :
0002-4463-01 is assigned to Cialis® 10mg / BLISTER PACK with 5 Tablets. What does the second segment of numbers represent?

A. Manufacturer / Distributor Code Segment

B. Product Identification Segment

C. Package Form and Size Segment

D. Therapeutic Index Segment


How many grams of glucose would you need to make 500ml of an 8% glucose solution?

A. 400

B. 250

C. 40

D. 25

W/V Concentration Calculations

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U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has a reporting system to collect data about adverse events and side effects associated with the use of FDA regulated drugs and medical devices. What is this reporting system called?

A. DrugWatch

B. MedWatch

C. RxReporting

D. MedSafe


Bactroban® is used as a topical treatment for bacterial skin infections. Bactroban® ointment contains 2% Mupirocin as the active ingredient. How many mg of Mupirocin are present in a 20 grams of Bactroban® ointment?

A. 100

B. 200

C. 400

D. 2000


Robitussin® AC is an anti-tussive syrup indicated to temporarily control cough due to throat irritation. Each tablespoon of Robitussin® AC (15mL) contains 30mg of Codeine. Which DEA drug schedule is Robitussin AC listed in?

A. DEA Schedule II

B. DEA Schedule III

C. DEA Schedule IV

D. DEA Schedule V


You need to make the following oral rinse solution:

KMNO4 1:5000 900mL

How many 30mg KMNO4
(potassium permanganate) tablets are needed?

A. TWO (2)

B. SIX (6)

C. EIGHT (8)

D. THREE (3)


0911 the Laminar Flow Hood (LFH) is turned on. What time will it be acceptable to use the LFH for compounding?

A. 0956

B. 1011

C. 0941

D. 0921


Oxycontin® is an opiate (narcotic) analgesic which is a timed-release form that gradually releases oxycodone over several hours when taken orally. A prescription is presented from Dr. Darryl Dolt, DDS. for : Oxycontin® 30mg #10. Which of the following DEA numbers would be acceptable for this Rx?

A. DD6125341

B. DA5463241

C. BD5178264

D. Dentists don't have DEA numbers

Decoding DEA Numbers

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A nurse needs to dose
25mg of a drug. The drug on hand has a concentration of 150mg per ounce. How many teaspoons will he give?

A. Three (3)

B. One (1)

C. Five (5)

D. Two (2)


How many grams of dextrose are contained in a pint of D5NS?

A. 119

B. 96

C. 48

D. 24


Anti-diabetic medications treat diabetes by lowering glucose in the blood-stream. Which of the following drugs is not an Anti-Diabetic?

A. Scopolamine

B. Sitagliptin

C. Pioglitazone

D. Glipizide

Top 100 drug list


A physician orders an IV drip of a 1:250 mixture of drug "S" at a rate of 25mL/hr for 16 hours. The infusion device is calibrated to deliver 15gtt/mL. What volume of drug "S" mixture will be needed ?

A. 26.6mL

B. 53.3mL

C. 374mL

D. 400mL


You need to prepare an order for 150mL of solution "V" at 5% strength. In stock you have solution "V" containing 50mg/mL and can ditute it with sterile water for injection (SWFI). How much of the stock solution will you need to complete the order?

A. 13.6mL

B. 75.8mL

C. 127mL

D. 150mL


You need to prepare 900mL of a 10mg/mL solution. Your pharmacy's stock solution is 30mg/mL. How much stock solution will you need?

A. 450mL

B. 600mL

C. 150mL

D. 300mL


Your pharmacy stocks solution 'Q' in an 8oz concentrated bottle. Solution 'Q' is usually ordered in 8%. Consequently, your stock bottles are diluted with 16oz of distilled water to prepare 24oz of 8% solution 'Q' in a 1L glass beaker. What is the concentration of the stock bottle?

A. 16%

B. 24%

C. 32%

D. 12%

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