Practice Quiz #14

Pharmacy Tech Practice Exam #14

Practice quiz #14 is one of many free unofficial practice exams available on this site. These practice tests help prepare students for the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Practicing with the same (multiple choice) format as the real pharmacy tech exam will better prepare you. The sample questions on the practice exams are about everyday pharmacy technician knowledge and duties. This quiz is 10 questions and should take about 15 minutes maximum.


In Pharmacy, Normal Saline is commonly abbreviated to the acronym NS. Normal Saline is a concentration of 0.9% Sodium Chloride (NaCl). What is the relative tonicity of NS?

A. Hypotonic

B. Isotonic

C. Hypertonic

D. Nontonic

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The generic name for the benzodiazepine drug Valium® is Diazepam. Benzodiazepine drugs are typically listed on DEA Sch. IV. What paperwork is required to order Diazepam by a pharmacy from a wholesale supplier.

A. DEA Form 469

B. DEA Form 222

C. DEA Form 0U812

D. None of the above

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The brand name for the drug Zolpidem is Ambien®, which is prescribed as a sleep aid. What is the brand name for the benzodiazepine drug Lorazepam?

A. Advair®

B. Coreg®

C. Ativan®

D. Crestor®


How many Liters of 1/2NS solution can be made from 90 grams of NaCl?

A. 4.5

B. 20

C. 37.5

D. None of the above


A small dog has consumed a dangerous amount of APAP. The vet has ordered: Rx acetylcysteine 150mg/kg/STAT. Your stock solution of acetylcysteine is 20%.How many mL will this 13.2lb. dog need for this dose?

A. 4.5mL

B. 10mL

C. 26.4mL

D. None of the above


Which of the following dry mass weights is the heaviest?

A. 3.2 Lbs.

B. 1.5 Kilos

C. 55 Ounces

D. 2500 Grams


Dr. orders a patient to get 24mg / Drug 'F' / STAT. You have a 0.08% solution available. How much medicine must you give?

A. 10mL

B. 30mL

C. 64mL

D. None of the above

W/V Concentration Calculations

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Rx: Drug K 300mg TID X30D.In stock: 150mg Drug K Tabs.How many tablets to fill this order?

A. 30

B. 60

C. 90

D. 180


Your pharmacy adds a 35% Markup over wholesale on prescription drugs. Additionally, a dispensing fee of $4.82 is charged per order. The wholesale price of drug 'H' is $1620.00 per/1000. Local sales tax is 8.5%. A customer has presented an order for #30 drug 'H'. If they are paying cash, what will their final cost be upon pick-up?

A. $78.25

B. $70.43

C. $76.42

D. None of the above

Hint :
Prescription Drugs are
exempt from Sales Tax.


The initial dose of a drug for an adult is 0.8 mg/kg/hr for 12 hours. How many ml of an IV solution containing 800 mg per 100 ml would be required for a 242lb. male over this 12 hour period?

A. 48mL

B. 69mL

C. 132mL

D. None of the above

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