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Pharmacy Tech Practice Exam #8

Practice quiz #8 is one of many free unofficial practice exams on this site. These practice tests help prepare students for the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Practicing with the same (multiple choice) format as the real pharmacy tech exam will better prepare you. The sample questions on the practice exams are about everyday pharmacy technician knowledge and duties. This quiz is 20 questions and should take about 20 minutes maximum.


At your hospital, the cart exchange happens daily at 1700. At 0900 a pediatric patient is prescribed: Drug "K" , 250mg, Q6H, oral suspension. Drug "K" contains 25mg/5mL. How much will be needed for each dose?

A. 25mL

B. 50mL

C. 100mL

D. 150mL

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You receive an order for: 3% ointment "H". Your pharmacy stocks 5% and 1% strength ointment "H". Mow much of each will you use to compound this order?

A. 40% of 5% + 60% of 1%

B. 50% of 5% + 50% of 1%

C. 60% of 1% + 40% of 5%

D. 70% of 1% + 30% of 5%

Alligation math

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In a large hospital, which of the following entities would determine and approve of the proper formulary for the institutions pharmacy.

A. Pharmaceutical Representatives

B. The Joint Commission (JCAHO)

C. The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T)

D. State Board of Pharmacy (BOP)


Normal Saline (NS) contains 0.9% NaCL, which is the same salt concentration as the normal cells of the body. In work areas, NS is commonly used in emergency eye wash stations. Which federal bureau requires eyewash stations in pharmacy work areas?

A. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

B. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

C. Federal Board of Pharmacy (FBOP)

D. Office of the Surgeon General (OSG)


Your pharmacy orders solution "F" in a 6oz. bottle of concentrate from a supplier. One bottle can be used to compound six 12oz. bottles of 2% solution. What strength are the 6oz. bottles the supplier delivers?

A. 24%

B. 18%

C. 30%

D. 12%


A patient is on an IV drip of Drug "S". The infusion started at 1300, and it's currently 1600. The administration set is calibrated to deliver 10gtt/ml and the restricting device is set to 12gtt/min. How much Drug "S' has the patient received?

A. 124mL

B. 360mL

C. 216mL

D. 420mL

IV Infusion Math


For a prescription order with the sig:

IV gtts AD BID prn

which of the following auxiliary labels would be appropriate?

A. For external use only.

B. For the ear.

C. For the eye.

D. For rectal use only.


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On Jan 30, 2012 at your long term care pharmacy, you are asked to repackage Drug "G" into 28 cap unit dose bubble packs. Drug "G" is in DEA Schedule II, and the unopened bulk container has an expiration date of 03/2014. What expiration date will you label the unit dose packs?

A. 02/28/13

B. 03/2014

C. 07/30/12

D. 01/30/13

Read the actual law here


According to the DEA, after the initial inventory of controlled substances a biennial physical inventory of controlled substances must be done. What does biennial mean?

A. Once a year.

B. Twice a year.

C. Every two years.

D. Every two months.

Read the actual law here


Known in US popular culture as "vitamin R", Methylphenidate is a psycho-stimulant drug prescribed for ADHD and other psychiatric disorders. Which DEA Sch. is Methylphenidate listed in?

A. Sch. II

B. Sch. III

C. Sch. IV

D. None of the above.

Top 200 drugs


Lidocaine 5% is dissolved into D7.5W and is used parenterally for Spinal Anesthesia. Which of the formulas listed below could be used to prepare 500mL of D7.5W.

A. 200mL D10W + 300mL SWFI

B. 250mL D10W + 250mL SWFI

C. 325mL D10W + 175mL SWFI

D. 375mL D10W + 125mL SWFI

How to do this one:


In the US, The Drug Listing Act of 1972 requires drug manufacturers to issue a unique 10 or 11 digit product identification number to each drug manufactured, prepared, propagated, compounded, or processed for commercial distribution. This identification number is called:

A. Pharmacopeia Mnemonic Code (PMC)

B. Orange Book Code (OBC)

C. National Drug Code (NDC)

D. Red Book Code (RBC)


For the following prescription:

Amoxil® oral suspension 200 mg/5 mL
sig. ii tsp t.i.d. x10d

How much would need to be dispensed.

A. 150mL

B. 900mL

C. 500mL

D. 300mL

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Which of the following is done by the
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)?

A. Enforcing the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

B. Issuing DEA numbers to Pharmacists.

C. Approving new Narcotic drugs for the US Market.

D. All of the above.


A prescription for
Valsartan is $88 for a 30-day supply. If the customer is charged $20, and the pharmacy bills their health plan for $68, the part that the customer paid is called what?

A. Co-Insurance

B. Co-Pay

C. Discount Price

D. Part D


To make space in the pharmacy, you've been asked to consolidate 3 bottles of solution "F", then label the resulting mixture.

Bottle #1 is 10oz of 30%
Bottle #2 is 8oz of 50%
Bottle #3 is 20oz of 60%

What will your Label Say?

A. Solution F 44%

B. Solution F 50%

C. Solution F 38%

D. Solution F 54%


Of the following, which would your pharmacy need an original
DEA form 222 to order?

A. DEA Sch II Drugs

B. DEA Sch III Drugs

C. DEA Sch IV Drugs

D. All of the above.


LITHOBID® is a brand name of Lithium carbonate, which is prescribed to treat and prevent episodes of mania, bi-polar and other disorders. Based on it's brand name, what dosage instructions are usually recommended?

A. Take at bedtime.

B. Take twice daily.

C. Take before dinner.

D. Take three times daily.


Eight primary Roman Numerals are widely used in science and pharmacy. What is the Roman Numeral for Zero?

A. L


C. X

D. None of the above.

Roman numerals


Of the following drugs, which would be the most dangerous to take after its expiration?

A. Colchicine (Anti-gout)

B. Propranolol (Beta-blocker)

C. Doxycycline (Antibiotic)

D. Sildenafil (Erectile dysfunction)

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