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ExCPT / PTCB practice quiz #9 is one of several unofficial practice exams on this site. These pharmacy tech practice tests help prepare pharmacy tech students for the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Practicing with the same (multiple choice) format as the real pharmacy tech exam will better prepare you. The sample questions on the practice exams are about everyday pharmacy technician knowledge and duties. This quiz is 20 Questions and should take about 20 minutes maximum.


All of the following are
anti-diabetic agents except:

A. Byetta®

B. Lyrica®

C. Januvia®

D. Actos®

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Your retail pharmacy sells products at: 25% markup over wholesale + a set dispensing fee of $2.85. The total retail cost at pickup for 90 tablets of a particular drug is $119.85. What is your pharmacy's wholesale cost per tablet?

A. $1.04

B. $1.34

C. $30.85

D. $27.36

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From the following directions, determine the number of tablets to be dispensed:

1 tab po qid x 5 days

1 tab po tid x 5 days

1 tab po bid x 5 days

ss tab po qd x 5 days

A. 46

B. 47.5

C. 45

D. 44.5


Hospitals or managed health-care organizations list drugs that have been approved for use on the basis of therapeutic and economic considerations. What is the common name of such a list ?

A. Therapeutic drug compendium (TDC)

B. Institutional drug registry (IDR)

C. Approved master drug list (AMDL)

D. Formulary


The drug
Avapro® is an antihypertensive / A2RB indicated for hypertension, diabetic nephropathy, and congestive heart failure. What is the generic name for Avapro®?

A. Valsartan

B. Lowsartan

C. Irbesartan

D. Locosartan

Top 200 drugs


Three separate drugs are required to make a 3:5:7 450g ointment. How much of each drug is needed, respectively?

A. 70g; 140g; 240g

B. 90g; 150g; 210g

C. 100g; 100g; 250g

D. 150g; 150g; 150g


How many milliliters of a 1:2000 Drug "I" solution and a 7% Drug "I" solution mixed would make 120ml of a 3.5% solution of drug "I"?

A. 54.6mL of 7% + 65.4mL of 1:2000

B. 59.6mL of 7% + 60.4mL of 1:2000

C. 20.0mL of 7% + 100 mL of 1:2000

D. 65.4mL of 7% + 54.2mL of 1:2000

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DEA form is used to report the theft or loss of controlled substances?

A. DEA Form 69

B. DEA Form 224b

C. DEA Form 41

D. DEA Form 106


To be in compliance with the
Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, an individual's purchase of pseudoephedrine must be limited to ________ in a 24 hour period.

A. 3.6g

B. 7.5g

C. 9g

D. none of the above


What is the full price of 90 tablets of "Drug Y", assuming your cost for 500 tablets is $425.00 with a 28% markup and a dispensing fee of $4.85 ?

A. $97.92

B. $116.50

C. $102.77

D. $81.35


OxyIR® is a Schedule II opioid analgesic. The generic name for OxyIR® is:

A. Oxycodone

B. Oxybutyin

C. Oxiconazole

D. Oxytocin


An IV has been ordered to run at 10 drops/min. It contains 450mg of a particular drug in a total of 1000mL. How many mg of of the drug will the patient received per hour if the set is calibrated to delivered 60 drops/mL?

A. 10mg/hr

B. 14.5mg/hr

C. 4.5mg/hr

D. 600mg/hr

IV Infusion calculations


The pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. Which of the following represents the pH of normal blood plasma?

A. 8.4

B. 7.4

C. 3.4

D. 1.4

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The rate at which inventory is Ordered / Used / Re-Ordered is called:

A. Point of sale (POS)

B. Turnover

C. Order Rate

D. Mini/Maxi Stock level


A prescription for an antibiotic has the directions, "ii gtt AU q.i.d." What auxiliary label should be affixed to the prescription container?

A. Take With Food

B. For the Eye

C. For Rectal Use

D. For the Ear



How many days will the following prescription last?

Fluoxetine Hcl 20mg #120
Sig: 2 po BID

A. 28 days

B. 30 days

C. 32 days

D. 34 days



A prescription calls for:

Vasotec® 7.5mg PO bid x 30 days

You have 5-mg tablets in stock. How many tablets will it take to fill the prescription?

A. 150 tablets

B. 75 tablets

C. 90 tablets

D. 60 tablets


Which of the following is not an
Antihistamine ?

A. Cetirizine

B. Atomoxetine

C. Fexofenadine

D. Hydroxyzine

Top 200 drugs


The commonly accepted average internal core body temperature for healthy human beings is
98.6 °F. What is the equivalence in Celsius (°C) ?

A. 122.4 °C

B. 37.0 °C

C. 169.7 °C

D. 83.9 °C

Temperature conversions


An infusion of 1.5% Drug "P" in D5W in a 1.5L bag was started at 2200. At 0800, there is still 900mL left. The infusion set is calibrated to 15gtt/mL. What was the flow rate set to?

A. 10gtt/min

B. 12gtt/min

C. 15gtt/min

D. None of the above

IV Infusion Calculations

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