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Depending on what state you work in, you may be required to take pharmacy tech continuing education every year. The purpose of this page is to pass along ideas and opportunities for free pharmacy technician CE.

Free Continuing Education opportunities

♦ Check with your State BOP for FREE LAW CE
For example, in
Oregon the state offers 1 hour of Law CE free online. The link for that is right here. Check in with your state to see if they have a similar opportunity.

♦ Get 2 hours of FREE cnline C.E. on the PTCB.
The PTCB has free online continuing education on
their website. Click the re-certification tab and a drop down menu will appear with Continuing Education as the bottom option.

♦ Get 10 hours of free pharmacy technician CE at your workplace.
You cannot earn these by doing your normal duties. But, under the direct supervision of a pharmacist, you can learn new skills and earn CE at the same time. A licensed Pharmacist must sign off on it. The PTCB has this
PDF Form here to fill out for this.

♦ Get 15 hours of FREE CE if you are already taking college courses.
If you are in college and taking science or math classes, they can most likely count toward Pharmacy Technician Continuing Education. You must get a passing grade and be ready to supply a transcript.

♦ Get 1 hour of FREE CE from the CDC (centers for Disease Control)
The CDC currently offers a Health Literacy / Free Online CE that will net you 1 Contact hour of CE.
Follow this link.

In addition to these, there are other programs out there including what is available thru your current employer. Most importantly, be certain how often you must take CE in order to maintain your state License. Don't wait until the last minute either and put your license in jeopardy. The ideas listed above are for
Free Pharmacy Technician CE. If these are not available to you and you are on a budget, consider looking into reduced priced CE courses (like Tech Lectures). Use the "Ask A Question" tab on the homepage and ask other visitors to this site how they like to fulfill their CE. Don't be shy, were all here to help each other.

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