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PTCB / ExCPT free practice exam #10 is one of several unofficial practice tests here on These practice exams help prepare pharmacy tech students for the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Practicing with the same (multiple choice) format as the real pharmacy tech exam will better prepare you. The sample questions on the practice exams are about everyday pharmacy technician knowledge and duties. This quiz is 20 Questions and should take about 20 minutes maximum.


At your hospital pharmacy, part of the technician's duties are to facilitate
medical waste pick-up. The company that retrieves it charges $2.75 per kg and a flat handling fee of $4.50 per bag. What is the final charge for two bags of waste totaling 121 lbs?

A. $ 63.70

B. $341.75

C. $160.25

D. $184.35

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Which of the following pharmacy inventory systems subtracts or adds products when they are dispensed or received?

A. Manual Entry

B. Standardized

C. Systematic

D. Perpeptual

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What is the generic name for
Lantus® insulin?

A. Insulin glargine

B. Insulin lispro

C. Insulin detemir

D. Insulin aspart

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An autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks and destroys the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas is called:

A. Type 2 diabetes

B. Gestational diabetes

C. Pre diabetes

D. Type 1 diabetes


The directions for a prescription read: one teaspoonful qid for 10 days. How many millilitres are required for dispensing this prescription?

A. 100mL

B. 50mL

C. 20mL

D. 200mL


250mg of
Tetracycline has been ordered qid. How many grams will have been taken after 8 days?

A. 8000

B. 8

C. 2000

D. 32


The patient in room 212b has been prescribed Drug "W" 15mg/kg BID. Drug "W" comes in a 500mg/5mL concentration. The patient is 6'3" tall and weights 220 Lbs. How many mL would be needed for each dose?

A. 25mL

B. 15mL

C. 33mL

D. 30mL

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Tiotropium is an anticholinergic drug. As such, which of the following disorders it Tiotropium indicated for?

A. Crohn's Disease

B. C.O.P.D.

C. Chartreuse Fever

D. Cholera


In a pharmacy, when products are placed to the front of a shelf/bin ahead of others that have a longer expiration date it is referred to as:

A. Stale dating

B. Stock dating

C. Stock rotation

D. Expiration prevention


Dr. Nguyen has ordered:

500cc of Solution "E" in 30% strength

After reviewing your stock, you find 1000cc of 10% and some 75% Solution "E". How many cc's of the 75% will you need to compound the order?
(round to the nearest whole integer)

A. 154cc

B. 234cc

C. 121cc

D. 360cc

How to do this one:


If 120ml of 20% Povidone Iodine solution is diluted up to 480cc with 0.9% sodium chloride, what would be the final concentration of Povidone-Iodine of the solution?

A. 2.5%

B. 5.0%

C. 7.5%

D. 10.0%

Hint: (Highlight the box to see)
Diluting with the 0.9 sodium chloride
is just like diluting with water


The physician orders an IV infusion of D5W to run at 60mL/hr with a drop factor of 15gtts/mL for 24 hours. How many 1L bags of D5W will be required for this infusion?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four


The drug manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis markets a drug named
Ambien®. The generic name for the drug is Zolpidem Tartrate. What is this drug indicated for?

A. Fibromyalgia

B. Hypertension

C. Anxiety

D. Insomnia

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Parkinson's disease is a disorder within the brain. It can effect one or both sides of the body, and is commonly treated with medications called dopamine agonists. Which of the following drugs is a dopamine agonist?

A. Risperidone

B. Tizanidine

C. Ropinirole

D. Pantoprazole

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You've been asked to draft a re-order for the supplier, and find just 1 bottle on hand of
Prozac® 20 mg. If the min/max inventory level for Prozac® 20 mg is 6/12, what is the desired re-order quantity?

A. 5 bottles

B. 6 bottles

C. 11 bottles

D. 12 bottles


Your specialty pharmacy uses the following charts to determine patient billing. In addition, a flat
dispensing fee of $4.75 per fill is charged on every individual order.

Fluoxetine     10mg.     0378-4210-01
Fluoxetine     20mg.     0378-4220-01
Fluoxetine     40mg.     0378-4350-93
Naproxen     250mg.     0378-0377-01
Naproxen     375mg.     0378-0555-01
Naproxen     500mg.     0378-0451-01
Ropinirole     1mg.     0378-5501-01
Ropinirole     2mg.     0378-5502-01
Ropinirole     3mg.     0378-5503-01
Ropinirole     4mg.     0378-5501-01
Markup %
0378-0377-01     $84.91     35
0378-0451-01     $92.44     35
0378-0555-01     $89.59     35
0378-4210-01     $362.21     35
0378-4220-01     $385.69     35
0378-4350-93     $399.25     35
0378-5501-01     $256.35     35
0378-5502-01     $279.56     35
0378-5503-01     $292.56     35
0378-5504-01     $312.57     35

Determine final combined billing for these 3 orders.

ORDER #1       Ropinirole       2mg       #30   sig. 1 tab qd
ORDER #2       Fluoxetine       20mg       #90   sig. 1 cap qd
ORDER #3       Naproxen       375mg       #90   sig. 1-2 tab qd prn

A. 116.55

B. 138.14

C. 152.39

D. 207.17


Which of the following drugs is not indicated for the treatment and suppression of Genital Herpes and/or Herpes Zoster (shingles)?

A. Neocyclovir

B. Famcyclovir

C. Acyclovir

D. Valacyclovir


administration route is used to inject a medication into the layer of fatty tissue under the skin?

A. Subcutaneous

B. Otic

C. Intravenous

D. Intramuscular


Mrs. Dumbrodski is a regular at your pharmacy. Today she's complaining about
insomnia and asks you what kind of product to try to help it. Which of the following would you recommend?

A. Advil PM®

B. Lunesta®

C. Unisom®

D. None of the above


The cart exchange at your hospital facility is at 10 a.m. At 2 p.m. the pharmacy receives an order for Drug "H" 200mg po q6h. How many dosages will you send out for today?

A. One dose

B. Two doses

C. Three doses

D. Four doses

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