FLORIDA Pharmacy Tech's required to be Nat'l certified by 2011

by Keith
(Portland, OR)

Florida's new requirements are: By January 2011, all techs Must have (either) completed an approved training program that includes 1500+ hours of OJT under the supervision of a Florida-licensed pharmacist -OR- they must have PTCB or ICPT National certification. Basically, what that means is vereran technicians will be grandfathered in if they can prove they have enough experience and have a Licensed Pharmacist sign off on it. Everyone else will need to pass the ExCPT or PTCE and be Nationally Certified.

Eight states still require no National certification. They are 1)Colorado, 2)Delaware, 3)Georgia, 4)Michigan, 5)New York, 6)Pennsylvania, 7)Wisconsin and 8)Hawaii. However, employers may super-cede the state requirements in those states and require National Certification.

You have to admit that this is all a great idea. Don't agree? Well, Did you know that in 1999 Minnesota enacted a law that required Pharmacy Technicians be at least 16 Years Old. True Story :) They have now adopted Nat'l. Certification, But the eight states that haven't usually only require a GED or work permit.

I have seen many predictions that the requirement will go to the Federal level by 2014 or sooner to compliment the new Federal Healthcare Act. This will require every technician to be Nationally certified. For Certified Technicians, this may open the door to better pay, more respect and better working conditions.

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