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FLORIDA Pharmacy Tech's required to be Nat'l certified by 2011

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Read again
by: Deborah D

Currently (2011) Florida does not require you to be nationally certified. However they do require you to attend an approved school for Pharmacy Technicians, regardless of your experience. Yes, it would only make since to go a step further and become certified. One would think your employer would reward you for doing all of the schooling, certifications and registrations. But it doesn't look like that's the case. Florida is requiring Everyone AS of 01/2011 that was not registered before 2011 to take these classes now regardless of years of previous experience. Even for those who did register and failed to provide the 1500 hours documentation now have had their registrations revoked and will have to attend school ($1800.00 and up). Well here goes the unemployment rate...up, up, up. Florida needs to give some breaks here. I have completed school, I am Nationally certified and registered single mom who is struggling to make a living and now every 2 years I lose money.

More is needed
by: Joe Medina, CPhT

I concur that the requirement in the taking of the national exam is a positive step forward...but still a very small one if we are to consider ever seeing our vocation become a true profession.

The reality is that states are simply pacifying the public in showing that some sort of accountability is being implemented by requiring a Pharmacy Technician to have taken and passed the national exam.

But in looking at the exam itself, we find what is offered is an exam that anyone can take and pass without having stepped foot in the Pharmacy setting. In other words, there is no criteria established to ensure that one who passes the exam actually exhibits proficiency or expertise in being a Pharmacy Technician. In fact,passing the national exam, does not even ensure one even knows about working in the pharmacy setting at all.

As stated in my beginning sentence, much more is needed than simply passing an exam that shows little validity in itself. Professionalism requires educational standards that far exceed what is being offered now. That my friend is where we find our dilemma as for wages to increase, respect to be earned, will require much more as well!

Joe Medina, CPhT, BS Pharmacy
President/Founder Tech Lectures

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