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Which states do not require national certification ?

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Ohio pharmacy technicians
by: Anonymous

Ohio doesn't require PTCB for pharmacy techs. I know pharm techs that don't have verification.

by: Anonymous

I have completed the Pharmacy Tech program with Baker College in Michigan. But I'm not PTCB or ExCPT certified as of yet. There are places in Michigan that will hire people that are not certified. Rite Aid,and also Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy(need certification before your 1yr mark).

The ups and downs or INS OR OUT of pharmacy tech
by: Ms. Critchlow, O

Allrigt, I'm seeing all of these comments, in my opinion WHY NOT JUST BE PTCB CERTIFIED, ALSO IT WOULDN'T HURT TO BE REGISTERED WITH YOUR STATE BOARD. I know that sometimes WE'VE ALL GOT TO COME OUT OF OUR POCKETS and yes it can be COSTLY, but let's think about the long term goals. LONG TERM GOALS MEANING:
Am I acheiving the goal of a pharmacy tech?
decent entry level salary?
Do I plan on furthering my education?
Pharmacy Tech has alot of ups and downs, so check what states your considering doing it from. Cause some states pay, offer better benefits than others it goes by. ARE U CERTIFIED?, BOP REGISTRATION, FORMAL EDUCATION, EXTERNSHIP/INTERNSHIP ETC, ETC

California does not require PTCB
by: Anonymous

California still does not require PTCB certification. California only requires State License...

CA does not require it
by: Craig C Chen

California does not require it as long as you took and pass Pharmacy Tech class that is approved.

States not requiring Certification
by: Angie

Maine does not require cert.

No certification in Michigan
by: Patti

The state of Michigan may not require certification, but no one will hire without it. I just graduated from a pharmacy tech program and will be taking the exam on the 22nd of March. In the meantime, even noting that on my resume, I have been turned down for 5 jobs so far.....

Certification in Missouri
by: Darcetha

I live in Missouri, which does not require Pharmacy Technicians to be certified. However, you must register with the Missouri Board of Pharmacy in order to work in a pharmacy.

A website that you might find useful is It lists the contact information for each states' board of pharmacy.

Certification in Kentucky
by: Anonymous

No certification is required in Kentucky - only registration. You have to be licensed to do manicures, though!

States that don't have any Pharmacy Tech licensing requirements.
by: R koss

I am a pharmacy technician in Indiana and I can tell you that even though there are states that don't have licensing requirements, such as Michigan, there are many places that still require national certification such as the PTCB or ExCpt. I found this out some time back when I was offered a position in Michigan, but they passed on me because they wanted someone with national certification.

State Certification
by: Anonymous

New Hampshire does not require a national certification, but does require you to register with the State of N.H. Board of Pharmacy. Which just means you have to give the State $25 yearly and a little personal information. I started as a PT about 1 yr ago. I haven't taken the PTCE, but was thinking about it. I just don't feel like paying for a test and study info for a job I already have. However, passing the PTCE would help me get a job with a hospital or the VA. By the way I LOVE this website! Very informative and practical. Thank You!

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