Where to get continuing education

by Laura
(North Carolina, USA)

Where do I start to get the information about doing 20 Hours pharmacy technician continuing education?

Reply (by Keith)

The best place to start on
continuing education is at your workplace. What I mean by that is, to discuss with your employer what the best subjects are for you to earn the continuing education in.

Additionally, you will want to see if you can earn up to 10 hours under the direction of a pharmacist at your workplace. The guidelines for that are on the PTCB website.

For the
LAW portion of your required CE, you can get guidance from your state's Board of Pharmacy.

Besides that, or if those are not available to you, then you can look at the PTCB website for a list of their endorsed CE providers.

Recently, I've had to get my CE hours together myself. Fortunately, I have 15 hours right off the top for some college courses I've taken in the last year in Math and Science. Then, I also got 1 free hour of LAW CE from the state BOP, 2 free hours from a CDC program. I plan on finding 2 more FREE hours through one of the many programs sponsored by big pharma or government.

On the
Continuing Education Page there are some more ideas and insight on how to get your hours in. Best of luck with the CE.

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