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What type of math?

by jasna

My Cd tells me to solve this problem here using (IS)(IV)=(FS)(FV) I, don't really understand that method, Is there any other way I can do this problem ?

You have been asked to prepare 20ml of a drug dilution of 50mg/ml from a stock solution of 2g/5ml. How many milliliters of diluent will be needed ?

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What type of math?

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dilution problem
by: Anonymous

im having an issue with this same problem. someone help please?

dilution problem
by: Anonymous

I start by converting this to a percentage
50mg/ml=x mg/100ml x=5000mg or 5gms/100ml =5%sol

2gms/5ml=xgms/100ml 5x=200 x=40gms/100ml =40% sol

now use your formula (IV)(IS)=(FV)x(FS)


40x=100 x=2.5ml of 40%sol(2gm/5ml)

Then subtract 20ml-2.5ml=17.5ml of diluent

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