Re-scheduling the Pharmacy tech test

by Jersey

I took a pharmacy technician class about a year ago, but haven't taken the test yet. I had scheduled a test date, but had to cancel due to unfortunate circumstances. Does it matter that it's been this long to reschedule? How long before I can again?

Reply (by Keith)

In New Jersey, I believe that both the ExCPT and PTCB are approved by the Board of Pharmacy as National Certification. So, in order to help you with this, please let us know which exam you had previously scheduled and were now considering since both have different policies and procedures.

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Re-scheduling the Pharmacy tech test

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Aug 05, 2011
PTCB exam
by: sherry

Sorry forgot to mention that, it was for the PTCB exam

Aug 11, 2011
You'll need to re-apply
by: Keith

If it's been a year, you'll need to re-apply and basically start over. Lots can happen in a year, and the PTCB will have to do another background check on you. Unfortunately, the money you paid when you registered previously has been forfeited and must be paid again.

But, don't let that slow you down. Keep pushing ahead and get certified. You've invested so much time already, don't get discouraged. - Keith

Oct 15, 2011
Failing the PTCB exam..
by: Anonymous

I had schedule to take my PTCB exam 6 months prior to the test date I scheduled for (summer before college start). I thought I would have plenty of time to study for the exam, but 16 hours of school and maintaining a GPA turned out to be more time consuming job then I thought. A week before the exam, I was considering pulling out but didn't want to forfeit my 130$. Many of my CPhT friends said I could get by on the exam if I knew all of the math... Long story short, I failed the exam by 50 points, and I was curious to know if this history of me failing the exam is going to hurt me in the future? For getting a job or applying for college of pharmacy? ( more concerned on the first issue) thanks...

Oct 26, 2011
the test??????
by: Maddy Ellen

I have my test in two weeks. How is the test been in the last months? thank you. -a worried friend....

Jan 10, 2012
by: Jersey

Thank you so much! I'm studying extra hard before applying for the exam.

Should I get experience at a pharmacy before taking it, as well as studying?

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