Regarding IV flow rates

by Jim
(Toledo, Ohio)

A Microdrip IV has been set to drop 10 gtt/min. The bag contains 450mg of a particular drug in a total of 1000ml. How many mg of the drug will the patient receive per hour if the set is calibrated to deliver 60 gtt/mL?
A. 4.5mg
B. 270mg
C. 2.7grams
D. None of the above

Please include the equation?

Thank you!


Reply (By Keith)
Jim, I'm answering this on my phone from a Starbucks hot-spot, so I didn't write it down. Hope it's correct. Here's what I think:

600 drops in 1/Hour
60 drops per/mL

= 10mL/Hour

450mg - - - 4.5mg
------- = --------
1000ml - - - 10ml

Someone else, please hit comment below and show the work on this one. Thanks.

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Regarding IV flow rates

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Apr 12, 2011
How I did this problem...
by: Rob

We know that:

1 min.

So, lets figure out how many drops are in 60 minutes.

10gtt - X gtt
----- = -----
1 min.- 60 min

X = 600gtt (in 60 minutes)

We also know that:

1 mL

So, lets figure out how many mL are in 600gtt

60gtt - 600gt
----- = -----
1 mL - X mL

X = 10mL for every 600gtt

You then know that:


So just plug in 10mL to find out how many mg it will be

450mg - X mg
----- = -----
1000mL- 10mL

X = 4.5mg will be transferred to the patient-per hour.

Apr 10, 2011
Willing to try it...
by: Anonymous

If this is wrong, please correct me! Thanks :).

There are 450mg/1000mL, therefor 0.45mg/per mL in the bag of solution.

Then we have calibration of 60gtts/mL, and it is set to drop 10gtts/min.

So that tells me that I can get 60 gtts/6 minutes.

And 60 gtts is equal to 1 ml, as stated in the calibration. 1 ml is also equal to 0.45mg in the solution bag. So...if...

60gtts = 1mL = 0.45mg Then,

0.45mg / 6 minutes = ? mg / 60 minutes

Solve for the ? and I get 4.5 mg.

Am I right?

Apr 09, 2011
Regarding IV flow Rates
by: Jim

Thank you Keith. Nowhere in my Pharm Tech study book is this problem covered.

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