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PTCB and ExCPT unofficial practice exam

PTCB Practice Quiz #1 is the first of several free unofficial PTCB or ExCPT practice tests. It's formatted similar to the PTCB exam as a 4 answer multiple choice format with random subjects throughout the test. This practice exam should take around 20 minutes max to complete. The answer key is linked just below this paragraph. Many of the questions have a help link or video just below them to guide you to the answer if needed.

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You have received a script that reads 2gtt OU BID.
What will the label placed on the patients packaging read?

A. Two drops in both ears two times daily.

B. Two drops in both eyes two times daily.

C. Two drops in right ear three times a day.

D. Two drops in left eye two times daily.



What would 25°C be in ?

A. 17°F

B. 50°F

C. 77°F

D. 102°F

Temperature Conversions


A 14 year old boy is 5'2" and he weights 110 lbs. He's prescribed by his doctor to take 5mg/Kg of drug "A" daily. What will his dose be?

A. 1200mg

B. 1250mg

C. 150mg

D. 250mg


What is C C X L equal to?

A. 2540

B. 265

C. 2040

D. 240

Roman Numerals


Mrs. McTarnahan is picking up an order of drug "T" #100 tablets which costs her $122.00. While you're ringing up her order, she asks "How much does each tablet cost?"

What is she being charged for each tablet?

A. $.12

B. $1.22

C. $12.20

D. $.012


Which regulatory agency would initiate a class II recall on a prescription drug ?





Drug Recall Definitions


In larger institutions, a system for distributing
(non-STAT) prescription drugs and equipment to all of the patients is used. The system is called a cart exchange, and the pharmacy is responsible for overseeing the filling of the orders. A cart exchange in a hospital usually takes place every:

A. 12 Hours

B. 6 Hours

C. 24 Hours

D. 48 Hours


What is 2.5 ounces equal to in mL?

A. 75mL

B. 250mL

C. 50mL

D. 750mL

Measurements and conversions page


Which DEA schedule contains substances with the least potential for abuse ?

A. Sch. 1

B. Sch. 4

C. Sch. 5

D. Sch. 2

DEA Schedules


A script for Zolpidem will expire after ______ and may have up to ________ refills.

A. 6 Months, No Refills

B. 12 Months, 1 year of Refills

C. 12 Months, No Refills

D. 6 months, 5 Refills

Prescription Expiration


A script for cough syrup reads 15ml PO Q4° PRN.
What should you type on the patients packaging ?

A. A spoonful taken orally every 4 hours as needed.

B. One teaspoon taken orally every 4 hours as needed.

C. One tablespoon taken orally every 4 hours as needed.

D. 15ml taken orally every 4 hours as needed.



Which is not true about HIPAA ?

A. Helps insure patient privacy.

B. Prevents health care fraud and abuse.

C. Regulates the use and disclosure of patient information.

D. Helps to decrease the rate of errors in pharmacy.


A pharmacy can order DEA Sch. 3 drugs from their wholesaler:

A. Using a standard invoice.

B. Using a credit memo.

C. Using a DEA Form 222.

D. Only with guaranteed funds.


With which class of FDA recall is there is a potential for serious injury or death?

A. Class 1

B. Class 2

C. Class 3

D. Class 4

Drug recall definitions


An eight year old boy weights 75 Lbs. The adult dosage of Drug C is 400mg. The child's dosage using Clark's rule is:

A. 100mg

B. 150mg

C. 200mg

D. 250mg

Dosage calculations


Dr. G. Acosta has a practice in Delaware and received her DEA number in 1988. What will the two letters in her DEA number prefix be ?





DEA number verification


Which size of needle has the largest diameter ?

A. 18 Gauge

B. 16 Gauge

C. 20 Gauge

D. 14 Gauge


What is the primary function / use for Rosiglitazone ?

A. Anti-Convulsant

B. Hypertension

C. Anti-Diabetic

D. Proton Pump Inhibitor

Top 200 drugs


A ___________ distributes HEPA filtered air into a work area to maintain a sterile environment.

A. Clean-room Fan

B. Laminar Flow Hood

C. Class 100 Air-fan

D. Micron filter fan


How many tablespoons are in 16oz. ?

A. 16

B. 24

C. 12

D. 32

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The Free PTCB / ExCPT practice tests are not endorsed by the PTCB or ICPT. The questions on the pharmacy technician free practice exams are not taken from any official exam. The questions were composed from everyday problem solving issues that pharmacy technicians face in their day-to-day duties. The free practice exams are totally unofficial and only here for informational, educational and entertainment purposes.