Questions about books & pointers.

by Corinna D.
(Jacksonville, Fl.)

I'm studying to take the PTCB in about 2 months and I was wondering what the best book is to self-study from? What areas should I focus on the most?(Right now, all i'm using is this amazing website!:])
I also just got a job at a Wal-mart pharmacy starting really soon, Any pointers?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Questions about books & pointers.

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Jun 18, 2010
Some Good Review Books
by: Anonymous

I of course will recommend my own Review for the National Exam Manual/Workbook mainly because it is specific to the national exam, has won a national award in publication excellence and I offer free email support.

But there are other ones out there as well such as the Pharmacy Technician series by Morton Publishing which has lots of pictures for those who are visual learners.

Good Luck

Joe Medina, CPhT, BS Pharmacy

Nov 14, 2010
Morton Series
by: Anonymous

Be careful with any of the books to watch for possible errors. I have found many errors as I have gone through the course. One of these is using calculations vs. memorizing a chart. Always check the chart with your own calculations.

Prime example is the pseudoephedrine daily limits of 3.6 g/day for a patient. A chart said that up to 146 30mg tablets could be dispensed for a patient. Doing the calculations, you find that it is only 120 tablets at 30mg (120 x 30mg = 3600mg =3.6 g). All of the remaining items on the chart were based on the 146 number and so they were wrong, too.

Book isn't law; use your head, too!

Jan 18, 2011
Which Pharmacy Technician book is helpful ?
by: Anonymous

When you bought(Tech lectures review for pharmacy tech) was this material similar to what you saw on the PTCB nation exam? is this true.

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