question on alligation problem

by Monica
(Glendale, az)

How many milliliters of a 1:2000 iodine solution and a 7.5% IODINE solution are needed to make 120ml of a 3.5% Solution?

Reply (by Keith)

That's a good question. I would do an alligation, and then check it with some algebra. I put this question on our Facebook Page if you want to see the answers other students come up with.

The most important thing with this one is to remember to convert everything to a decimal and stay neat and organized during the calculations. Whatever you do, don't let the decimals or the 1:2000 ratio scare you. That's just 1 ÷ 2000. Let me know if you want to see it done in a video.

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question on alligation problem

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May 21, 2011
Alligation Problem
by: Anonymous

Yes, can you please work this one for me. Thanks

Jan 10, 2012
What is the answer?
by: Anonymous

What is the answer? I can't find it on the FB page. Thank you.

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