Question about registering in California as a pharmacy tech?

by Charles
(San Diego, CA USA)

So I just passed the PTCB and wanted to know if I needed an internship in order to register in California? I looked up the website and it doesn't seem clear to me.

Here's the link to CA BOP

Thanks for the help.

reply (
by Keith)

Charles, I looked over the application and the way it looks is that you have to fulfill one of the options (A,B or C).

My advice is to call the California BOP and talk with them. A majority of the time when you call and ask some questions they give you pointers on how to best apply, or tell you information that you dont find on their website (since government websites are often lame). For example, I'm moving soon and called ahead to the Arizona BOP. They lady I spoke with was very nice and she told me to call her back as soon as I filled out the online application. I did, and she went in and grabbed the documents I scanned and attached. If I hadn't called, she said the computers firewall/security program would have deleted them after some amount of time. I would have had to do the whole thing over.

So, I encourage you to call and verify this directly.

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