question about math

by shekirya
(the bahamas)

1.A solution of Halperidol (haldol) contains 2mg/ml of active ingredient. how many grams would be in 473ml of this solution?

a. 9.46gm
b. 0.946gm
c. 0.0946gm
d. 0.00946gm

2.You have a 70% solution of dextrose 1000ml. How many kg of dextrose is in 400ml of this solution?

a. 280kg
b. 28kg
c. 2.8kg
d. 0.28kg

3. For the following prescription "methotrexate 2.5mg tab
../vi po q week # 24", the day's supply is

a. 28 days
b. 34 days
c. 42 days
d. 90 days

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question about math

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Question about math
by: Anonymous

How do you work problem 1 and 3 ?

question about math
by: Anonymous

question 1:

2mg/1ml x 473ml = 946mg = 0.946gm

question 2:

70g/100ml x 400ml = 280gm = 0.28kg

question 3:

(6 tabs per week)

24/6 = 4 weeks

4 weeks x 7 = 28 days

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