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by Jay

What is the resulting percentage strength of an ointment if you mix 10 grains of hydrocortisone into aquaphor to make 400 grains?

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Question about math

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Aug 29, 2010
my answer
by: Barb

the question asks for you to make 400 grains and because the units are the same you can just divide 10/400 and get 0.025 and to get a percentage just multiply by 100 and the percent is 2.5%

Aug 27, 2010
if 1 gm = 15.4gr then 10gr=?
by: sheila

you said that 10gr=0.065gm, but i think that may be wrong.

if 1 gm= 15.4gr, then 10 gr = 0.65gm

Jul 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

we will change grains into grams first :

10 grains = 0.65grams as 1grain=0.065gram

10 grain/410 grain = x/100 % formula




do not convert

just do as it is


if u have the answer and it is right then please comment back...thanks

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