question about hourly rate of infusion

by Paula

A bag of saline with an infusion apparatus is labeled 15 gtt/ml. The flow rate is 60 gtt/min. What is the hourly rate of infusion?

Help! Is this the formula to use?
F = V/T
Then solve 15/60 ? I am really stuck on this one. Thanks so much.

Reply (keith) : I'm not sure what formula you're trying to use there? I have a feeling that trying to put a formula on it may be getting in your way. Let's just look at it in practical terms...

O.K., so in this case:

You know that every minute- 60 drips will drop

You also know that each time 15 drops fall = 1mL

So, how many mL are infused in one minute?

60 ÷ 15 = 4mL per minute

How many minutes in 1 hour?

60 (min) X 4 (mL) = 240ml

Formulas are great and you need to learn them eventually, but sometimes while learning it's better to just work it out on paper. Thanks for the question.

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