Question about DEA numbers

I know that the second letter in a DEA number is the first letter of the doctor's last name. Could you tell me please what the first letter in a DEA number means?

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Question about DEA numbers

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Jun 07, 2010
How pharmacy techs identify a valid DEA number
by: Natalie

DEA numbers consists of 2 letters, 6 digits, and 1 check digit.

The first letter is a code identifying the type of registrant. (Usually you see A, B or C) A has been retired <1985,>B is used for Doctors and Clinics, C is for Specialists.

The second letter is the first letter of the registrant's (prescriber) last name.

Here are steps to verify a DEA number:
Step 1) add first, third, and fifth digits of the number.

Step 2) add the second, fourth, and sixth digits of the number.

Step 3) multiply the result of Step 2 by two.

Step 4) add the result of Step 1 to the result of Step 3.

The last digit of this sum must be the same as the last digit of the DEA number.

Example: DEA number AP5716329

Step 1) 5 + 1 + 3 = 9

Step 2) 7 + 6 + 2 = 15

Step 3) 15 x 2 = 30

Step 4) 9 + 30 = 39

Apr 30, 2011
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you, thank you for explaining the letters on the DEA number! Between my school, and this site, the information explains the LAST letter, and how to verify the digits, but NO WHERE except this one blurb, explained the first letter. And, I've run into a couple of questions on practice questions regarding just this issue.

Thank you again for this info!

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