question about concentrations and dilutions

A patient at your retail pharmacy has been advised by her Gynecologist to prepare a 2% vinegar solution to be used as a vaginal douche. She is asking for your advice in preparing the solution. What should you do?
A. Point her over to the douche aisle (i.e. Summers eve)
B. Suggest a re-usable douche/enema bottle. (as an add on sale)
C. Advise her to mix 2 teaspoons vinegar per quart of distilled water.
D. Refer her to the pharmacist on duty.

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question about concentrations and dilutions

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Dec 05, 2011
never use a douche
by: Anonymous

Hopefully her pharmacist advised:

The truth is that some of these products, particularly vaginal douches, may be harmful to your health. Vaginal douching increases the risk of developing a serious infection by upsetting the balance of the naturally occurring vaginal substances that keep the vagina healthy. All that’s needed to clean the outside of your vagina is a warm bath or shower with gentle, preferably unscented, bath soap.

Jul 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

the answer is D

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