question about alligations

by Rhonda

An order calls for 16fl oz, of a 20% solution. The stock solutions available are 80% and 8%. How many milliliters of each of the stock solutions are needed to fill the order?

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question about alligations

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May 26, 2011
The right answer
by: Anonymous

Yes. It is the right answer

Mar 17, 2011
by: Phoenix

Just do tic-tac-toe. Large # in the top left corner small # in lower left corner, middle # in the center of the grid.
80-20=60 parts of 8%
8-20=12 parts of 80%
Total 72 Parts
480ml/72 parts = Xml/12 parts
X=80ml of 80%
Follow the same steeps to find how many ml of 8%

Jan 03, 2011
paul in philly suburb
by: paul rio

the answer appears to be 80ml of 80% solution &
400ml of 8% solution. is this correct? the way, i am very content to have found this web site. there is so much information!
it may help prepare for the pharmacy tech exam.

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