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by Tammy

I just got my PTCB test score back and it was 607, the passing score is 650. How close to passing was I?

Reply (by Keith)

That's a great question. Each question has a different value towards the scaled score. But, please don't get discouraged. With that score and some more studying, you will likely pass it next time. The explanation from the PTCB website is below.

According to the PTCB's website:

PTCB Scoring Method

Candidates must obtain a scaled score of at least 650 to pass the PTCE. The passing score was established by a panel of content experts who used the modified-Angoff method. Using this method, each question is individually evaluated and rated by the panelists. Panelists estimate the percentage of qualified candidates who will answer each item correctly. The overall passing score is computed by averaging the panelists’ ratings. The PTCB Certification Council recommends the passing score to the Board of Governors.

To ensure the security and integrity of the PTCE, multiple forms of the examination with different questions are used over the years. The passing score is not set as a specific raw score or number of questions answered correctly because some of these exam forms may be slightly easier or more difficult than other forms. Because of the variations in difficulty, the PTCE is equated. Once the test forms have been equated, the raw scores are converted to scaled scores, which are equivalent for all administrations of the PTCE. Thus, a given-scaled score reflects the same level of ability regardless of the form of the PTCE that was taken. The range of total scaled scores for the PTCE is 300-900.

Equating is a statistical process by which scores on different forms of the PTCE are calibrated onto a common scale. Equating ensures that candidates of comparable proficiency will be likely to obtain approximately the same-scaled scores regardless of fluctuations in the overall difficulty level from one examination administration to another.

After each examination administration, individual test items are evaluated for their performance. Items identified as being ambiguous may be scored with multiple correct answers with no penalty to the candidates.

Many quality control procedures are used during the scoring process to ensure the accuracy of score reports. Answer sheets are electronically scored and the data stored on computer files from which score reports are generated. A preliminary item analysis is conducted and reviewed by the PTCB Certification Council to make sure that the examination items perform as expected and are psycho-metrically sound. In addition, comments from candidates on exam questions are considered at this time. This review allows for adjustments to scoring if there are flawed test items. All the answer sheets are scored following the production of a final scoring key. Score reports are then printed and mailed.

Each candidate will receive a score report which will provide feedback from the three main function areas of the Examination Content Outline. This is done to give the candidate an idea of how well he/she performed in each area and to identify areas of weakness. The passing score, however, is based on the candidate’s performance on all questions. There is no passing score for each of the functions.

PTCB|Scoring procedures page

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PTCB test score

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Oct 31, 2011
Failed PTCB by 15 Points
by: Aman

I took the ptcb exam and failed by 15 points. I got 635 out of 650... Too bad!

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