PTCB test day materials provided?


When you go to Pearson Vue to take the PTCB, do they give you paper or a white board to write out your calculations? What about a calculator?

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PTCB test day materials provided?

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Mar 11, 2012
Pharm Tech Test
by: Janet

Hi! For my test the gave me a spiral notebook with 10 laminated sheets and a permanent type pen, so you can't erase.....a hand-held calculator, plus there was one on the computer and ear plugs. I had 2 hours and I used the 2 whole hours going through what I knew first and then I was able to flag and review things that I didn't know or wanted to review.

Mar 11, 2012
by: April

I know u cant talk about the test specifically...but how was the test regarding the math? Was there more hospital type or community type questions? I am so nervous u have no idea. I am already EXCPT certified.... but that was back in 2008. I have to get my PTCB for my current job to be considered a CPhT...lame

Mar 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

It took me 55 minutes and I had 7 that I flagged that I want real sure about my after I went back and reviewed those it had been about an hour and 10 mins...then they had me answer a survey that took about 10 mins. I didn't get a calcualtor...I had to use the one on the computer (pain in the butt) I really had to pay attention to what I entered...

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