PTCB test contents

I'm taking the PTCB exam in less in 10 days and am really nervous about it. Your "calculations" videos on Youtube are really helpful, thanks. But I was wondering if you could tell me if what I have covered so far is good enough to help me pass:
1) Calculation (Conversions, percentage & solutions questions, proportions, dilution, children's doses)
2) Pharmacy law ( Important acts, etc)
3) Scheduled drugs
4) Most of the top 200 drugs ( generic & trade names,& classifications)
5)Equipment ( Laminar flow hood, biological safety cabinets)
6) Routes & formulations
7) Some info on Parenterals
8) Some info on compounding
9)Drug Interactions ( some common ones...Warfarin, aspirin?)
10) Basics on inventory, claims,financial aspects, retail math)

I know this is a lot, but please... whenever you get time (hopefully before my me know what else i should focus on, and any other tips? Thanks!

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