Proportions With Percent

by Buddy

A drug is available in a 20% solution. A patient weights 44.5 kg and is to take 40mg/kg q6h X 10 days.

1.___mg = 1 dose

2.___mL = 1 dose

3.___mL = 1 days dose

4.___mL = whole course treatment

I get how to do it most of the way but can someone show me the steps to finding the 1 dose mL that's the only part i don't get.

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Proportions With Percent

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Jan 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

how many drops in 14 ml ear drops

Aug 06, 2011
I think the first answer is right.
by: Van

40mg/1kg for each 6hrs, so *4 for the whole day

Jun 10, 2011
hmm...check this out and see if it's right...
by: Anonymous

I came up with something almost similar, but yet different:

Question 1: I multiplied 44.5kg x 40mg which gave me 1780mg...But wouldn't that be for the whole day, and not one dose? It said q6h so I divided 1780 by 4, giving the amount of 445mg per dose. 445mg x 4 will give 1,780mg, meaning the amount for the whole day. I understood the question as 1 dose which would be 445mg

Question 2: 20%= 20g/100ml. Instead of converting the 20g into mg which would give me a lot of zeros to work with, I just converted the 445mg to grams which gave me 0.445g and I set up my problem: 20g/100ml = 0.445g/ X.....I came up with X = 2.225ml for one dose

Question 3: Since I came up with 2.225ml for one dose, I multiplied 2.225ml x 4 because q6h means times a day. 2.225 x 4 = 8.9ml for one days dose

Question 4: so 8.9 Ml is = to 1 days dose, I multiplied 8.9 x 10 for 10 days and came up with 89ml for the whole course of treatment.

Can someone check it and see if i'm on the right path? seems pretty str8 forward to me

Nov 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

isn't 2 gm 2000 milligrams?

Nov 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

I wrote this question and i guess ill answer it.

To start you must know that 20% is really 20gm per 100ml. once you know that you can see the answer if you know how to use proportions.

plugging it in.

Question 1. __mg = 1 dose
To get 1780mg you multiply the patients weight (44.5) to the amount of mg/kg (40)

Question 2.__ml = 1 dose

Use proportions

20gm 20,000mg 1780mg
---- is equal to -------- = ----
100ml 100ml X ml

1780mg multiplied by 100ml = 178,000 which is then divided by
20,000mg.This means that there are 8.9ml for one dose

Question 3.__ml = 1 days dose
If you are taking 8.9ml in one dose and you are taking it every 6 hours which is 4 times a day 8.9 multiplied by 4 times a day is 35.6ml for one days dose

Question 4.__ml = whole course treatment
If you are taking 35.6ml for one day for 10 days then 35.6 multiplied by 10 is 356

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