Proportions & ratios math

Formula M and formula D are to be combined in a 2:1 ratio to make solution MD. How many of each is required to make 90mL of this mixture?
A. 75ml/15ml
B. 15ml/75ml
C. 60ml/30ml
D. 30ml/60ml

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Proportions & ratios math

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Aug 21, 2011
Proportions & ratios math
by: Anonymous

Convert the ratio into faction. 2:1 ratio means 2/3 is formula M and 1/3 is formula D. 2/3 * 90mL = 60mL, 1/3 * 90 = 30mL.

Jun 23, 2011
This is what I think about this problem.
by: Danny

The ratio 2:1 means that the volume of formula M must be two times the volume of formula D. So, the answers A and B cannot be chosen. The answer D can be just if the ratio was 1:2. So the correct answer is the answer C.
60mL of formula M + 30mL of formula D = 90 mL of the solution MD.
(60)=2(30)or 60/30 => 2:1

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