Pharmacy Tech online courses

by Camille
(Bozeman, MT)

I am considering signing up for an NPTA Online Pharmacy Technician course. Does any have any feedback on this course?

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Pharmacy Tech online courses

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Nov 04, 2011
Re: Pharmacy Tech online course
by: Trexie

Hi Camille. I was as on the same boat as you a couple of months ago and was looking for the best way/course to study for the PTCB exam. I did look at and seriously considered the online course offered by NPTA. Unfortunately, I don't have feedback on that one. But let me offer my experience and feedback on this site since it seems you are using this site for study? When I thought about it, since the NPTA was an online course and, if I remember correctly, you can start their course anytime and pretty much study at your own pace, well then why not do just that but not spend any money. I thought I would first give it a try, study on my own and take the exam. At most, that would mean I would have spent money only for the cost of the exam if I passed. If I did not pass, then the next course of action would be to take that online course or some classroom course. But what mattered to me was that I give it a try on my own first.

So on that note, I did just that and saved lots of money and time. I studied on my own using this website. It may be hard to believe, as even I was skeptic at first if it could be done, but I tell you, if you invest the time to study, it can be done! I had no background knowledge/experience whatsoever on pharmacy tech. My only basis for going into the test was from studying from this site. I looked at every topic on this site and made sure I understood the material, especially the math. I did all the math and practice exams, more than once even. I would go over sets of problems until I was comfortable doing them without much thought. Keep in mind, there's a time limit on the exam so if you can breeze through the math then it's a huge help. Keith did an outstanding job on explaining the concepts behind math problems. His explanations helped me figure out how to approach math problems, what to look for and how to go about solving the problem. For additional help, he also has links to another tutor, Zita Schmitt, which were very helpful as well.

Well, I hope this helped even a little bit. Like I said, I was in the same position so I understand the uncertainty. My thing is to do what you feel will work best for you. Everyone is different and have different approaches to studying. Good luck!

Nov 05, 2011
Penn Foster
by: Martina

I did my pharmacy tech online course with Penn Foster, passed my exams, and got hired at a Walmart Pharmacy. Penn Foster is not to expensive, but it's all on you at the end. Got to stay motivated!

Nov 08, 2011
online course
by: Camille

I just signed up for the Allied online course for Professional Pharmacy Technician w/externship. I have been trying to get into a pharmacy as a trainee and will keep trying, but I need a formal training course to give me confidence to pass the exam and get hired somewhere. It is all up to you, that's a correct statement. So far, Allied has been wonderful to work with and I got a $500 discount at my time of enrolling with a special they were offering so it was less expensive than the NPTA course and others I checked out. Plus if you don't pass the exam, they pay for you taking it a second time since they take some responsibility for the fact that you might not pass because you missed something in their course. I thought that was very fair, plus an externship is included and a free six month extension after the year you have to finish the course at no extra charge. I'll keep everyone posted as to how the course progresses. They send you materials, books and CDs, along with the online lessons. John Brady was the person who signed me up and he was terrific to talk to. Answered so many questions and was totally helpful and nice to deal with.

Nov 13, 2011
pharmacy books/manual
by: norma

I saw on your list of study guides, manual that Tech Lectures' manual is not on your list..I used your practice test questions, but used Tech Lectures manual to pass my test..."PHARMACY TECH REVIEW MANUAL"...BY JOE was a great manual easy to follow and best of all free email're never alone if you don't understand a problem. Just send an email and he answers ...anyway, thanks Keith i just thought people could use a great study worked for me.

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