pharmacy tech education online?

by Lisa
(Crossville, AL)

13 years ago I worked as a Pharmacy Tech in MI, but never became certified. I'm currently living in AL & want to take an online course to learn what I need to so I can take the ExCPT exam. Do I need to take an 'accredited' course? Or, take the course that will teach me the most? I understand that I could just go to my local library and get the info I need to study, but as I've been out of the field for SO long, I would prefer to take an organized, point A-to-Z kind of course. Also, I worked in retail pharmacy back then, and would like to work in a hospital pharmacy now. I need a ton of info on IV mixtures, compounding, etc, etc. Any advice or helpful info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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pharmacy tech education online?

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Nov 04, 2011
Pharmacy Tech online course
by: Camille

Check out NPTA's online course. It's accredited which I was told is the way to go. You can even take one of the 9 courses, and then pay/take one at a time and then evantually sign up for their externship program too. So, you may get your "foot in the door" at up to three pharmacies with that. Look in other towns close by too; hospitals, clinics, mail order pharmacy. Don't give up until you find a job!!... It doesn't necessarily have to be in a pharmacy retail setting to be a pharmacy tech. You can research those other options online. Good Fortune to you. I am thinking of taking the NPTA course since I have never worked in a pharmacy and am interested in being a pharmacy technician too. It's a growing career path and the benefit/pay are good since it's a skill.

Mar 19, 2012
Online Education
by: Anonymous

When I considered taking online courses for training as a pharmacy tech, my first step was to look at all the schools that are accredited. Then, I compared the course materials of about 4 of the accredited schools I selected. Last, I evaluated the total cost of each program. Although I believe the NPTA program was probably the most comprehensive, it was also the most expensive. The end result was that I selected a school that had the next best program of study, and coincidentally was also the best value. After studying for the PTCE and taking advantage of all the available study materials and websites (this site probably being the very best help), I am confident that my online program was very much worth it and prepared me well for passing the PTCE. Even though many will say that you can prepare for the PTCE with materials from the library, study sites and PTCE prep books; for me, I am glad that I took the online course. Also, you do receive a certificate/diploma once you complete the program. In applying for Pharmacy Tech positions, I was often asked where I took formal study. Just look at all the other comments on this website, compare it all and then decide for yourself what will be best for you.

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