Pharmacy Tech Certification Test Study Books ????

by Terra

I need any suggestions that any of you may have on what books are the best to study from in order to cover all the material needed for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. Any advice is helpful :-) Thanks!!

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Pharmacy Tech Certification Test Study Books ????

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Apr 23, 2010
Review Manual for National Exam
by: Joe Medina, CPhT

There are many review books out there of which you need to be careful of as they do contain a great amount of information that is not specific to the national exam and in some cases contain information that is more Pharmacist related. I only say this as our vocation has become a great source of income and with that many review manuals are written by Pharmacists who have never even taken the national exam and simply offering material they think you should know.

With that said, I offer a 2009 National Award winning Review Manual/Workbook (Tech Lectures Review Manual) that is specific to the national exam and offers free email support as well of which most do not.

That is not to say there aren't other good review books out there; it is just that you need to be careful of what you choose. Having co-authored the 1st edition of the "Pharmacy Technician series" of books by Morton Publishing, I can say this is good review material as well as it has lots of pictures to help in visual learning.

Realize a solid Review Book should be easy to understand with precise information that is beneficial in helping one in the taking, in this case, the Pharmacy Technician Certification exam.

Best of luck in finding the right book in helping you prepare!

Joe Medina, CPhT, BS Pharmacy

Jun 08, 2010
Self Study Books
by: Janice

Certification Exam Review
ISBN# 0-13-114739-0
Q&A preparation for the National Certification exam.

Pharmacy Calculations
ISBN# 0-13-114740-4
basic and advanced math skills

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