Pharmacy Mixture Math

by gen
(toronto, ontario, canada)

I have a tin of formula that is 730g. I need to use two scoops at 3.5 teaspoons per scoop for every 100ml of water. How many scoops are in the tin and how many 100ml bottles will I get out of 730g of formula?

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Pharmacy Mixture Math

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Is this correct?
by: Anonymous

208 scoops and 5959ml in the tin

I got...
by: Tait

I got 208 scoops, and 41.5 bottles.

U figure u have 17.6 mg per 100 ml bottle then divide by the number of drug u have to get bottle amount.

am i missing something?
by: Anonymous

i got 208 scoops, 104 bottles.
703g/3.5= 208 scoops
2 scoops per 100 ml and we have 208 scoops. 208 scoops/2 scoops= 104

by: Keith

I hadn't looked at this question very closely until today. The problem here is that there is missing information.

When working with mass, in this case powder, if you don't know the density of the substance you cannot do any conversions.

As an example, if you were to go to Home Depot and fill up a bucket with river rock it would probably weight 45#. If you fill up that SAME bucket with lava rock, it would probably weight 30#. For the very same reason, this question cannot be correctly answered.

If you look online, you will find conversion charts that tell you that a tablespoon is about 14-15 grams. But, that is based on table salt and sugar. Those charts are primarily for cooking and baking. With medication or nutritional powder, they cannot be used.

Usually, a product that is sold in powder form has specific instructions for use. The product in this question has those instructions. However, since it was asking to convert grams to teaspoons, we can't know unless we also know displacement and size.

Kudos for those who gave it a shot.

keith what do you think?
by: Anonymous

keith, wouldn't each scoop be about 3.5 g since there are 208 scoops in 730 g?
730g/208= about 3.5g?
Reply (by Keith) No, there is no indication in the question that there are 208 scoops in the can.

Keith! Thanks for responding and the help!
by: Anonymous

Wasn't that the first question of the problem? How many scoops are in the can?
Reply (by Keith)
Yes, but how do you come up with 208 scoops?

Keith number of scoops?
by: Anonymous

Because it tells you that 3.5 tsp of that formula equals 1 scoop. So if you divide 730 g by 3.5 tsp which is ONE scoop that's the number of scoops.

Not in the question
by: Keith

Ahh, so you are saying that 1 gram = 1 teaspoon.

O.K., let's compare that to some things we know and love. Certainly you are familiar with granulated sugar. As a reference, there are 4.2 grams of sugar per teaspoon. Now, how about flour, the stuff used for baking. A teaspoon of flour is 2.75 grams.

So, you are thinking the formula is made of a substance that is lighter than baking flour? and just guessing that 1 gram = 1 tsp?

Here's the thing:

A Gram is a measure of weight
Teaspoons are a measure of size/area

So, how could you simply take the amount of grams and just divide it by the amount of teaspoons? That could end up being fatal.

We have no idea of what substance we're working with. So, the answer would be "none of the above" because were missing vital information.

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