Pharmacy Math Questions

by Libby

1)How many grams of 20% zinc oxide ointment will deliver 8 g of zinc oxide?

2)How many 150 clyndamycin capsules are required to compound a prescription reading: clyndamycin 1% propylene glycol 5% isopropyl alcohol 480 mL?

3)If a pharmacy pricing formula is the average wholesale price (AWP) plus $4.50 and the AWP is $90 for 100 tablets, what is the charge to the customer for prescription for 30 tablets?

4)To process a prescription order for 12.5% dextrose solution, the pharmacy technician would mix the stock solution of 20% dextrose and 5% dextrose solutions in which ratio?

5)A drug is available in the following strengths and dosage forms: 125 mg tablets, 250 mg capsules, 125/5mL. A child weighs 55lbs and the recommended dose is 10mg/kg/24 hr (to be given in 6 or 12 hr intervals). What is the appropriate dosage regimen?

6)A patient has the following prescription: Xaptopril 12.5 Sig: ss tab b.i.d. How much of the drug will the patient take in 1 week?

7)What volume of a 0.5 mg/2 mL digoxin injection will deliver a dose of 0.125 mg?

8)A drug concentration is 100 mg/2.5 mL. If 100 mg is administered q.i.d. the total daily dose would be:

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