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The best professional online math tutor website at the lowest cost I've found is certainly
MathTutorDVD, which is now available via streaming video online for only $20/month unlimited use with no commitment. Best of all, you can first test drive the program and watch the first video on each subject. Click on the link above and look for: 'Test-Drive the Online Access'

Some of what's included:
250+ hours of video tutorials
Printable worksheets
Interactive Examples
Available 24/7

Even if you're already good at math, there's lots more than just brushing up on the basics here. Jason has put together a series called
Mental Math Secrets which will forever change the way you think about numbers and calculations. You'll be impressed at some of the tricks and how easy they are to use. After you learn and start using the Mental Math tactics, the time you spend solving problems will shorten, which could mean all the difference on a timed exam. Jason has also included another series exclusively for approaching Math Word Problems, which is one of the areas where many people blow it on
Pharmacy Tech exam.

Jason Gibson is the creator of MathTutorDVD. He personally instructs all of the videos, and can take complicated math topics and make them easy to understand.
Jason is a former Space Shuttle Mission Control Engineer and Holds Masters degrees in Physics and Mathematics. In 2004, Jason started the business as a hobby by making DVD tutorials for struggling math and science students. His DVDs were so good, that they were soon discovered by, and used in schools, universities and other institutions (including MIT). His DVDs are all available to buy and watch on your TV. However, thanks to technology and your high-speed internet connection, all of Jason's DVDs are now available to
stream online.

How I found Jason's site
My own testimonial

by: Keith Nelson

Two semesters ago, I entered into an advanced algebra class which required the use of a sophisticated graphing calculator. After getting a Ti-89 titanium, frustration quickly set in and I could barely figure out how to add numbers on it.

I began searching for help online and found plenty of overpriced software and DVDs to buy. Fortunately, I also found Mathtutordvd. (yes, a full range of calculator tutorials are also included) Initially I was quite skeptical, because it seemed under-priced for what you got. Seriously...twenty bucks?

After I watched some 'test drive' sample videos, I had a good feeling and immediately decided to pull the trigger. Within a couple of hours, I was doing all kinds of things with my new calculator. Then I started watching the other videos and realized that the subjects we were studying in class were also available on the site. I later found the mental math secrets and was instantly hooked on learning them. Those are really fun and I've been teaching a few of them to my niece. Many are like magic and really show how universal and interesting math really is.

I can honestly say that Mathtutor easily helped me get an A instead of a B in that class. And I'm using MathTutor again this semester with the same results. Sometimes, after a lecture I'll go to the site and use the search option and type in the subject we covered if I'm not really grasping it. After watching a 15-20 minute video of Jason's teaching, it starts to click.

The price still baffles me, that it's only 20 bucks a month and you can use it unlimited 24/7 and cancel anytime. By the way, I did cancel over winter break, which was completely hassle free. Then just rejoined for the next semester. There was no drama or extra charges. Jason runs the site with precision.

If you're looking to get better at math or just want to learn how to do more of it in your head, I wholeheartedly recommend MathTutorDVD.

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