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New Requirements in Florida

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Pharmacy Tech School
by: Anonymous

Orange County (Orlando Area) offers a Pharm Tech course for under $4000. It will take you less than a year to complete. If eligible, you may use financial aide to pay for this. This is one of the best programs available. Along with lots of book work and classroom labs, you will intern in a retail setting and hospital. I recomend searching Technical Schools in your area and not trying to learn through an online self paced course. There is just too much to learn.

Registered Pharmacy Tech in Florida
by: Anonymous

Yes, the program has to be accredited and registered with ASHP or COE. I hope this information helps you out.

Registered Pharmacy Technician in Florida
by: Anonymous

I've already taken a pharmacy technician program, but the school is not on the accredited list with the ASHP or Florida Board of Pharmacy. Do I need to take the training program that Florida board of Pharmacy approves?

Florida Programs for less money
by: Anonymous

Orange County Public Schools has one of the best programs in the state. Both Pharmacy Board Approved and ASHP Accredited. About $3800 total. This program has a lot of labs!

Pharmacy Technician Course
by: Anonymous

Ashworth College online pharmacy course, self study under $1000. Accepted by FL.

Pharmacy Technician Training Course
by: Anonymous

Dade County Public Schools is offering the course in conjunction with Adult Education, and it is offered to High School students as well. The price is very feasible, under $1000 per semester. You are guaranteed to graduate within 10 to 15 months which is a requirement with the Board of Pharmacy based on the 1500 hours requirement. Check it out and see for yourself.

FL pharm tech course
by: Anonymous

University of Florida has an online program for $2800. UF live classes are around $3900.

program of Pharmacy Tech less than $5000
by: Anonymous

there is a school in Broward County ,Florida for 1500 hours for less than $5000

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