Memorizing Top 200 drugs

by Alejandro

Looking at your top 200 drug list, I was wondering a few things. My teacher gave us a packet that has the top 200 brand to generic drugs, and also has the top 200 generic to trade name drugs. Which would be more helpful? The one my teacher gave me just seems so difficult to memorize 400 words!!!. your seems much easier because its just 200 words. please!!! message me back on what you think would be more helpful. thank you for your time.

(by Keith)

Thanks for the question. This is a very common concern for people just getting started. It's also heavily debated, and I get some heat from instructors for voicing my thoughts. But, I'm still standing by what I recommend.

To clarify my stance on this subject, let me first remind anyone reading; this site is completely focused on studying for the PTCB and ExCPT exams. As such, for people who have never worked in health-care, I recommend memorizing/learning the Top 100 drugs to prepare for the Nat'l exam. (AND you should also get familiar with generic drug suffixes)

Once you've passed the exam, you should continue to focus on the rest of them in order to be an effective tech.

If you're in a program or tech school, follow the syllabus and try to absorb as many of the drug names as possible.

To answer the part of the question about what order to learn them in, I say it's different for everyone. They way I have the lists ordered here on the site is how a majority of people will learn best from. But, figure out which order to learn the drugs (brand to generic, etc...) works best for you. Write out 5 drugs, once with brand first and then generic first and study them for a few minutes. It will become apparent to you which way your brain works with better.

There are also other ways I recommend to memorize to top drugs. On the page that link goes to are 3 ideas that I like better than flash-cards.

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