Memorizing the top 200 drugs

by Nick

What percentage of the PTCB exam will be memorizing / knowing the top 200 Drug names (such as Generic/Brand)?

Reply (by Keith)

On the PTCB website, they break the test down like this:

66% - Assisting the pharmacist in serving patients

22% - Maintaining Medication / Inventory Control Systems

12% - Administration and management of pharmacy practices

As you can see, knowledge of drug names is included in all of those. If I were to be guessing a number to toss out to reflect what percentage drug names were for the whole exam, I would say 20-35%, depending on which of the 5+ test batteries you get.

Since your asking this, I can only assume that you don't currently work in healthcare. Which is alright, just makes the drug names a tougher task. After you pass the exam, knowing the drug names, classifications, indications, etc. is the largest percentage of most techs work. As such, it's encouraged to embrace learning the drugs as much as you can before and after the exam.

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Memorizing the top 200 drugs

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Jun 02, 2011
by: Nick

Took it today and passed...

whew ! Must have been some lucky drug name guesses!!!

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