Memorizing drug names

by Francesca

I have a close friend who recently took the PTCB exam and passed. She just advised me this morning to just study the top 25 of the top 100 drugs. I made her repeat herself several times in disbelief, and she assured me that if I do that, I'll be fine. She explained that they really want to make sure that pharm techs really know the ins & outs of the drugs most commonly prescribed. Being that I'm on a limited time schedule, this sounds awesome to me...too good to be true? Do you advise me memorizing the heck out of only the top 25 of the top 200 drugs?

(by Keith)

There's no way to honestly answer that. The PTCB exam has 5+ different battery modules. The friend who suggested only studying the top 25 drugs may have had a test that was heavy in math. Whereas you may get a test heavy on drug knowledge.

On the Top 100 drug page, some strategy for which of the top 100 drugs to study is outlined. To recommend anything less than the top 100 could possibly set you up for failure.

Additionally, after you pass the PTCB and start applying for work, the most primary skill they'll be looking for is your drug knowledge.

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Memorizing drug names

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Mar 24, 2012
Study the top 25 drugs
by: Buddy

Your friend has already violated the terms she/he agreed to before and after taking the test. If found out, that person can loose their certification.

Apr 01, 2012
Thank You ( for a month of study with me
by: Anonymous

I just passed the PTCE exam today on the first attempt. It took me about a month to study and memorized those top 200 drugs. But, it's useless, I find today. There was about 5 questions on matching names, brand vs. generic. So memorizing the top 200 drugs might not be helpful because they want more specific details than knowing just the generic names, and brand names. My advice is try to focus on the drug suffixes and to do as many practice exams as possible.
Also, I just want to say Thank You-->this website and people who are behind it have all worked hard.
Thank you .

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