Is there an easy way to remember the top 200 drugs ?

by Bonnie
(Las Vegas)

Trying to memorize the top 200 drugs is really hard for me. Does anyone have any tricks to remember them?

Reply (Keith): I have some ideas on THIS PAGE. Everyone seems to have their own 'best way', so you'll have to decide which you like best.

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Is there an easy way to remember the top 200 drugs ?

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Jun 19, 2010
i can't remember either!!!!
by: Aimee

I get everything---but the meds! Can't remember them for the life of me!!!

Jun 26, 2010
Try this. . .
by: Eric

Flash cards , 5 at a time till you absolutely know them and what they're for. . .then add another 5 and so on.

Jul 11, 2010
Top 100 Drugs
by: Anonymous

I'm in the process of making flash cards for the top 100 drugs but I'd like to have a picture of the actual medication to associate with the name. Is there an online pill identifier with pictures of the pill?

Aug 04, 2010
Remembering the top 200 drugs
by: Anonymous

use look up pharmacy tech or Top 200 Drugs. Also try

Aug 20, 2010
Page with top 200 drugs
by: Craig

Here's a great page someone started - Would be fantastic if someone clicked "edit" on the page and added the rest, or made more pages with the rest.

Oct 15, 2010
Write down the Top Drugs
by: Reid

Besides flash cards, write down the Top Drugs over and over again. This is how I forced myself to remember them.

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