flow rates

by rajneet kaur
(arlington va usa)

A physician orders a drug to be infused at:10mcg/kg/min. The patient weighs 70kg. The total dose the patient is to receive is 21mg. How long must the iv continue for the patient to receive this dose?

reply (Keith) Thank you for the question. The answer is Right Here.

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flow rates

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Jan 10, 2011
another method
by: Anonymous

10mcg/kg/min is the as 0.01mg/kg/min
the above means 0.01mg of drug is for 1 kg man
therefore ,for a 70kg man =70kg*0.01mg/1kg
this means 0.7mg of drug is required for a pat weighing 70kg
if 0.7mg of drug takes 1 min
a total of 21mg of drug will take=21mg*1min/o.7mg

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