Fee for retaking the PTCB test

If you fail the PTCB exam the first time taking it, do you have to pay $129 again when you retake the test?

reply (by Keith)

PTCB re-take fees
Yes, unfortunately you will have to pay the exam fee EVERY time you sit for it. If you do fail the PTCB on the initial attempt, during the waiting period you will receive a letter with your scores and instructions on how to re-take the exam.

The ExCPT is similar.
If you are taking the ExCPT exam and fail, you'll also have to pay the exam fee each time you take/re-take it. However, the ExCPT waiting period to re-take the exam is 30 days. The waiting period for re-taking the PTCB is 60 days.

Passing on the first time will save you a few bucks. Make sure you've taken all of the Practice Exams here on the site, read all of the Exam Strategies, and go into the test with plenty of confidence.

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