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Bonus Free practice exam #2 is one of the many PTCB / ExCPT practice tests on this site. They are designed to help prepare you for the PTCB or ExCPT exams. Practicing with the same (multiple choice) format as the real exam will better prepare you for it. The questions on the practice exams are general questions about everyday pharmacy technician knowledge and duties. This quiz is 30 questions and should take less than 30 minutes to complete.


Which of the following drugs contains Oxycodone + APAP?

A. Darvocet®

B. Vicodin®

C. Percocet®

D. Tylenol 3®

Top 200 drugs

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Bonus Exams Answer Key (in this window)


In a hospital, who decides what will be included in the pharmacy's formulary?

A. Hospital Board of Directors (The board)

B. Board of Pharmacy (BOP)

C. Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee



Which route of administration is
recommended for Nitrostat®?





Top 200 drugs


You have turned on the laminar flow hood at 8:41 am. What is the soonest you may use it?

A. 8:57 am

B. 9:41 am

C. 8:52 am

D. 9:11 am


What recommendation would be given to a patient picking up a prescription of Metronidazole?

A. Take all medication.

B. Avoid alcohol

C. Take with food

D. All of the above


What quantity is required for a 30 day supply of the following prescription:

Phenytoin suspension
125mg bid at 0800, 1200
and 250mg hs.

(Phenytoin is supplied as 125mg/5mL)

a. 96mL

b. 120mL

c. 600mL

d. 480mL


How many mL of water should be mixed with 1200mL of a 65% solution to make a 45% solution?

a. 1733.3mL

b. 757.8mL

c. 533.3mL

d. 369.2mL

Solution mixture math


How many tablets should be dispensed, given the following order: Cephalexin 250 mg tabs; sig 0.5g qid X 10 days?

a. 40

b. 80

c. 20

d. 60

Pharmacy abbreviations


A patient needs 175mL of a 2% solution. Your stock solution is 10%. How much stock solution and diluent will you need?

a. 140mL stock, 35mL diluent

b. 75mL stock, 100mL diluent

c. 35mL stock, 140mL diluent

d. 45mL stock, 130mL diluent

Dilution Math


An IV drip is ordered to run at 4 gtt/min. It contains 875mg of a drug in a 250mL solution. How many mg will the patient receive per hour if the infusion set is calibrated to deliver 12 gtt/ml?

a. 0.70mg/hr

b. 16mg/hr

c. 70mg/hr

d. 160mg/hr

How to do this - step-by-step


Which DEA controlled substance schedule
is Fioricet® / Fiorinal® in?

A. DEA Sch. IV


C. DEA Sch. V

D. DEA Sch. II

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You receive an order for 1000mL of dextrose solution to be administered over 8 hours. What would be the infusion rate per hour to deliver this volume over the specified time?

a. 100mL/hr

b. 125mL/hr

c. 175mL/hr

d. 200mL/hr


Two examples of antiviral medications are:

a. Acyclovir and Oseltamivir

b. Lamivudine and Oimetidine

c. Amlodipine and Amantadine

d. Ribavirin and Cytarabine


Which of the following formulas will produce a 1000mL solution of 3.5% amino acid in 15% dextrose?

A. Amino Acid 10% 500mL + Dextrose 30% 500mL

B. Dextrose 30% 500mL + Amino Acid 10% 300mL

C. Amino Acid 7% 500mL + Dextrose 30% 500mL

D. Dextrose 30% 600mL + Amino Acid 7% 400mL

How to do this one


Which of the following is in DEA Sch. II ?

A. Clonazepam

B. Oxytocin

C. Methylphenidate

D. Roloxifene

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Which of the following is not a valid DEA number ?

A. BJ7750436

B. BC9292929

C. AC5710226

D. AJ6746747


How many tablets should be dispensed, given the following order:

Prednisone 5mg sig:
ii tabs qid x 2 days;
ii tabs tid x 2 days;
ii tabs bid x 2 days;
i tab tid for 2 days;
i tab bid x 2days
then stop.

a. 44

b. 28

c. 48

d. 46


While rotating stock, a drug container has the expiration date of 07/2012. Which of the following days does this bottle actually expire?

A. 06/30/2012

B. 07/01/2012

C. 07/31/2012

D. 08/01/2012


The publication used to find approved (generic) Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence is known as:

A. Merk Manual

B. Generic Drug List

C. Orange Book



What directions should be typed on the label for the following order ?

Rx: Amoxicillin suspension 250mg/5mL; Sig; 250mg tid for 7 days.

a. Give one teaspoonful three times daily until finished.

b. Give one teaspoonful twice daily until finished.

c. Give one tablespoonful three times daily until finished.

d. Give one-half teaspoonful twice daily until finished.



Which of the following belong to the tricyclic class (TCA's) of anti-depressants?

A. sertraline and clomipramine

B. amitriptyline and imipramine

C. trimipramine and citalopram

D. mirtazapine and nortriptyline


A child with severe case of poison ivy weighs 44lbs. She has uncontrollable itching on her arms. A pediatrician orders: Benadryl® po 5mg/kg/q6h. Benadryl is available as a 12.5mg/5mL solution. What dose should be given each 6 hours?

A. 10ml

B. 20ml

C. 40ml

D. 80ml


You receive a prescription for Temazepam 7.5mg #30. What is the max number of refills this prescription could have? (if the doctor requests)

A. 1 Refill

B. 11 Refills

C. 5 Refills

D. No Refills

Prescription refills


Which of the following would cause a dangerous Drug-Drug interaction if taken together:

A. Digoxin - Diltiazem

B. Tadilifil - Phentermine

C. Hydrocodone - Zolpidem

D. Warfarin - Asprin


A script calls for i-ii tabs q3-4h. What will be typed on the prescription packaging label?

a. Take one or two tablets three or four times each day.

b. Take one or two tablets every three to four hours.

c. Take one tablet every three hours or take two tablets every four hours.

d. Take one or two tablets every three or four hours as needed.

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Which of the following would a patient be prescribed Topiramate for ?

A. Tinnitus

B. Osteoporosis

C. Epilepsy

D. Alopecia

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Which of the following is a common side effect of codeine ?

A. Diarrhea

B. Constipation

C. Coughing

D. Muscle twitching


A stat dose of amoxicillin suspension 0.5g has been ordered for a child on the pediatric unit. Her dose thereafter will be 250 mg tid for 5 days. If each teaspoonful contains 250mg. What quantity is required for the stat dose?

A. 75mL

B. 10mL

C. 85mL

D. 20mL


500mL of a 15% is diluted to 1.5L.
What is the resulting strength?

A. 5.0%

B. 2.5%

C. 12%

D. 0.8%


Which of the following are examples of calcium channel blockers?

A. Amlodipine and Diltiazem

B. Nifedipine and Digoxin

C. Verapamil and Ramipril

D. Cialis® and Felodipine

Top 200 drugs

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