ExCPT exam passing score

by Munkhshur
(Seattle, WA)

Hi guys, I'm planning to take the ExCPT test, but I've no idea what a passing score is?

Reply (by Keith)

I believe that there are 100 questions, and that 10 of them are just experimental/new questions that don't count. So, out of the 90 questions that do count, I believe you must correctly answer at least 70 of them.

Are you in a formal training program? Perhaps your instructor could advise you on which test you'd be better suited to take. According to the NHA Website:

"The Washington Board of Pharmacy will certify a pharmacy technician upon completion of a board-approved pharmacy technician traing program and proof of passing a board-approved national standardized pharmacy technician certification examination. The ExCPT is recognized by the Washington Board of Pharmacy."

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